Businesses Slowly Drop Marijuana From Drug Test Batteries To Attract More Workers

It’s been 30 years since the last big shift in how businesses look at and screen for drugs, but it looks like things might be starting to change. Businesses have been moving away from the marijuana test in the drug test batteries commonly part of the hiring process, in a move in line with legislative trends dealing with marijuana.

However, the rate and number of businesses doing so is lower in some areas like Iowa than in rest of the nation, in part due to Iowa’s status as one of the most restrictive states in terms of marijuana control. Perhaps it’s a sign of the times, but it looks like many states aren’t done making this transition yet.

Seeing as most people who use marijuana don’t end up with addictions like those associated with opioids, heroin, Xanax, alcohol, or some other substances, business and their employees likely won’t have to deal much with withdrawal symptoms on the clock. Nevertheless, some people can still develop a marijuana addiction and if you or someone in your family has, contact us to learn how we can help end the substance abuse.


Job providers are going to greater lengths than they have in 20 years to find their best fits.

They’re more proactive in recruiting. They’re trying to hire people faster. They’re even dropping certain drugs from employment screening in non-government, non-transportation occupations.

Many more businesses have shifted away from mandatory marijuana testing in the past six months, said James Reidy, a management-side labor and employment lawyer from New Hampshire who has focused on the subject. “But I think they aren’t necessarily advertising it,” he said.

It’s the first major workplace drug policy shift since widespread screening began about 30 years ago, but is it catching on here in Iowa?


The Des Moines Register surveyed multiple central Iowa job placement firms and found that while the move away from marijuana tests is happening in the state, it is far from a sea change. Click Here to Continue Reading

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