Tampa Man Buries Himself Alive To Draw Attention To Drug Overdoses

John Edwards

A Recovering Addict Hopes to Draw Attention to Overdose Crisis

John Edwards from Tampa, Florida, is spending an unusual few days this holiday season – buried alive in an oversized coffin.

By “speaking from the grave”, Edwards is hoping he can stop those who are struggling from winding up in an early one.

“I’m raising my voice up to bring hope to the people,” Edwards said.

A lot of hope is certainly needed as ninety-one Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. Edwards himself survived more than 20 overdoses as a young man – but now has long since been clean.

Edwards is broadcasting his underground experience live online, taking calls and questions from viewers around the globe using the hashtag #GraveChat. His grave plot sits outside the River at Tampa Bay Church.

Associate Pastor Jayson Williams explained some of the rationale for this event – ”We’re saying, look, if you have problems with drugs or alcohol or depression, we’re here as a beacon of hope to come and to give people a better future. ”

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To read more about John Edwards’ underground efforts, visit Fox13news.com.

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