In Brooklyn, the “American Dream” Turns Deadly

American Dream

Fentanly-laced heroin dashing dreams in Brooklyn

Reflecting a trend seen across the country, dealers in Brooklyn are increasingly cutting heroin with deadly traces of fentanyl, and other instances, simply doing away with the heroin altogether and selling pure fentanyl.

Last week, twenty members of Brooklyn drug crews were charged with dealing deadly heroin and fentanyl, police said.

In a bitter and ironic marketing effort by the dealers, the opioids were bagged with the stamp American Dream and the Statue of Liberty. So far, officials know that these packets have been responsible for two overdose deaths.

The ringleader of this twisted operation was Akeem King, 29. King stashed his drugs in the Tompkins Houses and had at least 14 people working for him, selling thousands of vials a week out of housing developments, authorities said.

Police started looking into King in September 2016, and used wiretaps to ensnare him.

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To learn more about how Brooklyn is battling this deadly surge of fentanyl, please visit NYDailyNews.

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