I Didn’t Understand What Addiction Does to a Person

Matt Azimi

Beloved Bronx Teacher Lost His Long Battle With Addiction

Matt Azimi, a teacher, was found overdosed in a Bronx Public School last fall. Now, his widow Rachel is speaking out about Matt’s life and his struggle with addiction.

As reported by PIX 11, Rachel Azimi can’t forget the strange car that showed up outside her white-frame house last Nov. 30.

It was 10:30 p.m.

Two Bronx detectives from the NYPD came inside and told her that her husband, Matt, who taught kids with disabilities at Public School X811 on Longfellow Avenue – had been found dead in a locked, faculty bathroom.

“I grabbed onto a counter and the female detective grabbed me,” Azimi, 33, recalled. “They don’t want a pregnant woman to collapse on the floor.”

Last September, after her husband told her he’d gone to an emergency room with food poisoning, he later confessed he’d survived a heroin overdose and was revived with the antidote Narcan.

“He thought there was fentanyl in the last batch that sent him to the hospital,” Azimi recalled. “He said, ‘Rach, I’m going back to meetings, and if I don’t get help this time, I’m going to die.’”

Matt Azimi’s words were sadly prophetic.

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To read more about Matt Azimi’s life, and his family, please visit PIX11.com.

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