Two Charged in Fentanyl Overdose of Bronx Teacher Matthew Azimi

Matt Azimi

Charges Brought Against Dealers In Bronx Overdose Case

Two men have been charged in the overdose of Bronx teacher Matthew Azimi who was found on school grounds last year after injecting fentanyl-laced heroin.

As reported by LoHud,  two men are facing federal charges in the fatal fentanyl overdose of Matthew Azimi, a Kent resident who died at the Bronx school where he worked as a teacher.

Azimi, 36, was found dead on Nov. 30 in a faculty bathroom stall at P.S. X811, where he worked as a special education teacher. The U.S. Attorney’s Office on Friday announced charges against two Bronx men who have been accused of selling heroin and fentanyl near the school, including the dose that killed Azimi.

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The NYPD also found Azimi’s cellphone and traced his last three completed calls, which officials said were made to Lyons’ cellphone. Azimi first called Lyons at 3:27 p.m. that day and was seen on surveillance video buying syringes at a pharmacy a few blocks away from the school at 4:05 p.m., according to the criminal complaint.

At 4:12 p.m., Lyons called Azimi, which was the last completed call on Azimi’s phone before he was found dead, according to the complaint.

The NYPD used surveillance to learn that Lyons sold heroin and fentanyl near the school, officials said.

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