New App Uses Blockchain To Fight Addiction

Hayver Platform

Blockchain poised to help fight addiction

It seems as though the blockchain is going to change everything these days, and now there is an app using blockchain to help patients beat addiction.

As reported by The, wants to help addicts remain sober by incentivizing behavior that is conducive to recovery. Its software solution incorporates blockchain technology by creating a flexible open architecture and cryptocurrency incentives.

Hayver has built its software on the social infrastructures of the drug and alcohol recovery community, and as long as checkin rates stay above 90%, they have seen consistent sobriety.

As with Alcoholics Anonymous and other leading substance abuse programs, a peer group of 5-20 individuals helps the person suffering from addiction. Every day, as the member logs into the Hayver application, a randomized utility determines whether they should be tested and the peer group notified.

Members selected for testing use a urine screening cup. The results are then verified by one of the member’s ‘Circle of Support’ partners. The platform tracks the member’s check-in rates, test compliance, results and other behaviors, and generates a score to reflect his or her recovery success.

Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction, lying to yourself and others? Don’t wait any longer to ask for help. In today’s environment, you never know when your next dose will be your last!

Our Neuro Rehabilitation approach helps address the root causes of addiction once and for all.

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