Becoming The Comeback Kid

When President Clinton was running for office his chances were pretty low. He fought hard and in the end won, both a presidency and a new nickname, “The Comeback Kid”. President Bill Clinton doesn’t have a monopoly on that nickname. You can claim it too by coming back from rehab as a woman or man with a plan, a heavy dose of faith in yourself, and confidence in all that you learned going through  medically supervised alcohol detox and then through treatment at the addiction recovery center in Florida.


Plan a sober friendly home

This is where your strong safety net comes into play. Work with your family and friends to set up a structure that lends itself to a sober life. When you left for treatment you were vulnerable. You were steeped in addiction. Your life was set up to cater to someone who felt disconnected from themselves and those around them. But life will be different as you pursue sobriety. If someone hasn’t already done it, start by asking someone you feel safe and open with, to go through your house or apartment and remove any kind of drug or alcohol paraphernalia. You want to start your time at home free from anything that could cause a craving or a trigger.


Plan to stay busy, but not too busy

You want to make sure you have something to do with your time. If you’re going back home without a job, make sure you make a plan for where and how you’ll be spending your time. It helps to have an occupation or a volunteer position that you can go to. Don’t take on too much when you go home though, not at first. You want to make sure you can acclimate to being back. Make sure there’s time to rest, but also that your not turning back to addiction because of boredom.


Plan to be open and honest in all things. Don’t avoid accountability, instead seek it out. Look for someone you can be honest with, without fear of judgement or manipulation so that you can talk to them about your ups and downs, particularly where you’re struggling and needing help or perspective.  Look for a career you can be confident enough in to embrace transparency. If you can be honest in your everyday life, you’ll be miles closer to contentment.


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