Fentanyl Raid in the Heart of Baltimore

Baltimore Inner Harbor

Corner store was epicenter for sprawling drug network

This week, police in Baltimore had to spend hours in hazmat suits removing all the fentanyl and morphine from a corner store in the Old Goucher neighborhood of Baltimore.

The raid netted more than 16 pounds of suspected fentanyl and 13 pounds of suspected morphine, according to preliminary police estimates provided Wednesday.

Two men affiliated with the store have been charged with drug distribution, according to Baltimore police and court records.

The raid drew substantial attention in Old Goucher, in part because a hazmat team was called in to secure the drugs — a precaution based on the dangerous nature of fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid that is deadly in small amounts.

Capt. Jarron Jackson, a police spokesman, said police have since estimated that they recovered 7,500 grams of suspected fentanyl, or about 16.5 pounds, and 6,000 grams of suspected morphine, or about 13.2 pounds.

Jackson said the investigation was continuing Wednesday.

“This is like investigating the branches of a tree,” he said. “I’m sure other investigations will spin out of this one.”

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To learn more about the latest fentanyl raid in Baltimore, please visit the Baltimore Sun.

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