Australian Pop Singer Speaks Out About Addiction

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Her battle with addiction and depression while also struggling with the pressures of fame has been closely documented after some frank interviews from the Aussie singer. Sia Fuler, 39, who is an Australian singer, has revealed some of the details about the vices she turned to in her darker days, and about her sobriety after.

Sia is a self-proclaimed and identified pill popper as well as alcoholic. The singer of the hit ‘Chandelier’ Sia’s darkest days came in 2010 when she wrote a suicide note, ready to end her own life. That is until, a perfectly timed call from a friend caused her to reconsider.

And her using had been leading up to it. In order to deal with the uncomfortability of the spotlight she relied on Xanax, alcohol and Oxycontin to get her through her live shows. Her addiction only intensified after being diagnosed bi-polar shortly before her boyfriend was killed being hit by a taxi. That only cause her depression to become more severe, requiring the need to self-medicate even more.

Then she hit that point of suicide. Sia called her drug dealer and ordered two of everything except meth and heroin. Planning on checking into a cheap motel, she left instructions for her dog walker, and the hotel manager, writing: “I’ve killed myself I don’t want you to have to suffer seeig my dead body.”

And that is when that timely phone called arrived.

Sia told OK! Magazine, that there was a small voice in her that was telling her she wanted to live.

She said the only thing she knew to do was call someone who was in the program. And they helped her. She mentioned looking at other people seeing that they have families, kids, are happy, and wondering how they did it. “They seem to be enjoying this riddle called life.”

Sia made headlines last week at the Grammy awards, where she hid her face in a platinum wig and kept her back turned to the audience. Her refusal to promote her latest alubm, and posing for magazine covers with a paper bag over her head, and inviting friends Lena Dunham and Kristen Wiig to join her onstage during her performance to draw attention away from her. But it stuff like this that allows her to deal with unwanted attention that comes with a chart topping song as well as turning to charitable causes such as a dog rescue program that she says is part of her recovery program.

Her higher power who she has name ‘Whatever dude,’ and has tattooed on her arm, is who she takes solace in. And with her recovery intact and in full effect, it seems she may have finally figured out the riddle that is called life.

And today, she is just rising into the spotlight.

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