Atlanta Teenager Recalls Heroin Car Crash Details

Atlanta Crash

Atlanta Boy Recalls Tragic Night

Timothy Hood was just walking over to the store with his friends one evening last spring when he became yet another grim statistic in the ongoing opioid crisis. Hood and his young friends were struck by a driver who had overdosed while driving.

The car jumped the curb at more than 40 mph, hitting all three boys and killing the youngest, Isaiah Ward, age 9. “I saw myself getting up and looking around and I didn’t see anybody, so I just closed my eyes and just stayed down and I tried to open them again, but I couldn’t so I gave up,” he said.

“I’m going to be honest, I thought that the world was ending right then and there. He was crumpled up. There was nothing I could do but pray and there was part of me saying he’s gone because everyone kept saying, ‘No pulse.”

The attorney for the driver said her client, long time addict Ryan Lisabeth, doesn’t remember much about the deadly crash.

“He remembers the very beginning of that drive and then he completely blacked out. Overdosed,” attorney Ashleigh Merchant said.

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