Are Kids Addicted to iPads?

Kids and Technology in 2014

The advancement of technology has severely changed the way children are raised. Social media has also changed the way children’s identities are known to others. It’s the norm to see newborn photos on Facebook only minutes after being taken. Actually, every single part of someone’s childhood is being documented on social media. The need for capturing and sharing every single part of ones life is getting out of control. These children are now growing up in a world where they too are too distracted and engaged in this technology to even know the difference. By the time they are pre-teens they might have a severe dependence or be addicted to technology as well.

Kids and iPads

Psychiatrists estimate that the number of people who have become digitally dependent has risen by 30 per cent over the past three years. Last April we heard the story about Dr. Richard Graham who was treated toddlers and young children for iPad addictions. One of his clients was a four year old girl who was severely addicted to her iPad and became agitated and showed signs consistent of withdrawal symptoms after it was taken from her. A 2013 survey revealed that more than half of parents allowed their babies to play with their phone or tablet device. One in seven of more than 1,000 parents questioned by website admitted that they let them use the gadgets for four or more hours a day. James Macfarlane, managing director of the website, said: “Given that babies between 3-12 months are awake for only around 10 hours per day this is a huge proportion of their waking day. “Although 81 per cent of our users felt that children today spend too much time on smart devices, it hasn’t put most of them off using them to entertain their baby.”

In a recent article, LiveScience, listed seven ways you can tell if your child is an iPad addict and they are as follows:

1. Withdrawal

If your child is irritable, anxious or sad after having the iPad is taken away, he or she may have an unhealthy attachment to the device.

2. Tolerance

If a set amount of time to play on the iPad no longer satisfies a child, it could be a sign of dependence.

3. Loss of interest

If children who once loved playing soccer, picking on their kid brother, or climbing trees have lost interest in all those activities in favor of hours of “Air Hockey Gold,” it may signal a problem.

4. Lack of control

Addicts typically have an inability to control their usage. And though 4-year-olds are not known for their self-control, children may have a problem if parents have a really hard time taking the tablet away from their child without a huge meltdown.

5. Deception

Another red flag of addiction is children lying about iPad use, sneaking the iPad into their bedroom or other hideout, or otherwise deceiving family members to get more screen time.

6. Trouble dealing

Kids who are using the iPad to avoid dealing with sad, stressful, or negative emotions could have a problem.

7. Losing opportunities

Losing significant relationships, failing in school, or performing poorly at work are all signs of addiction. Young children may be losing friends or their grades may be slipping.


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