Are all Alcohol Treatment Programs AA Based?

Not all alcohol treatment programs are AA based programs. You will even find some that do not follow a 12 step principle at all. The key to recovery is not what worked for others, but what works in your unique situation.  You will need to work with a trained recovery counselor, like one of the experienced staff at the FHE Health, to determine the best program for your recovery.

Determining if All Alcohol Treatment Programs are AA Based

– Traditional AA programs will use the 12 steps first introduced in 1939. It involves the process of admitting the process, acknowledging a higher power for strength to overcome the problem, acknowledging and mending past mistakes, and then helping others follow the same path.

– Some recovery programs have implemented the principles of the 12 steps but may not follow the exact format of AA. Those programs may tailor the steps to a specific addiction or set of moral beliefs.

– Recovery programs that do not follow the 12 steps in any form will offer alternative approach to recovery.

There are a number of options for overcoming addiction. The key is that you begin moving towards one of those options as soon as possible. You will find that not all alcohol treatment programs are AA based.

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