Alcohol Treatment and Anger Management

Alcohol treatment and anger management may not appear at first to be likely companions. The staff at Florida House can help you understand the connection through the program of dual diagnosis. Anger can become a powerful addiction that can wreak havoc on your life. It has to be faced down with the same determination as the alcohol or drugs.
Ways Alcohol Treatment and Anger Management Connect
1. The angry person and the drunk both put their own self first. Other people become unimportant when compared to the need to feel that adrenalin rush or get that high.
2. Anger and alcohol both release chemicals in the brain. A person needs more and more of the chemical release to feel the same pleasure that was originally experienced.
3. A chemical dependence alienates the people in your life and anger makes them afraid to be around causing the same distance.
Impulse control can be issues with the alcoholic and with the person that tends to have temper issues. Taking steps for alcohol treatment and anger management can help to make the healing process a little easier for everyone involved.

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