Addiction Rehab | 5 Reasons to Get Sober Now

5 Reasons to Get Sober Now

Drug addiction for those living in Florida has taken over many lives and caused destruction in almost every aspect. From relationships to employment and normal routines, a drug addiction becomes the main priority in your life with no direction on how to overcome it alone. Drug addiction treatment can offer you a way out of the life you are living, a freedom from the pain and destruction your addiction has brought you. By recovering from your drug addiction in Florida, you will be able to recreate and rebuild what your life looks like in the future before it is too late. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should go to addiction rehab and get sober.

Active Addiction Is Expensive

What is the cost of addiction? FinancesOne of the biggest non-health related effects that addiction has on a person is a financial one. Think about how much money you might spend a week on going out for a few drinks. Chances are it is not a substantial number because you do it maybe 2 to 3 times a week and don’t spend a lot when you are out. Plus, you have to make sure you have your bills paid every month. Now, think about how much money you would spend if you were drinking literally every day and drinking copious amounts. Would you still be able to pay all those bills at the end of the month? Maybe you could and maybe you couldn’t. However, none of that would matter because it’s all about getting that “next fix” however and wherever. From a financial standpoint, sobriety can go a long way in getting your finances in order.

Feeding a drug or alcohol addiction on a daily basis can range anywhere from 20$ a day to 200$ per day or more. Depending on how severe your addiction problem is, what drug you use, and how much the substance costs in your area,  you can spend thousands of dollars per week feeding your addiction. Once you are in the grip of addiction, you can’t simply “cut back” for a couple of days or take a few days off to save some money. Intense withdrawal symptoms come on quickly typically when an addict uses it is not to get high. Instead, they are trying to cure their “dope sickness” or withdrawal symptoms. Most addicts just want to feel normal so they can function throughout the day. When you are feeling the intense effects of withdrawal, it really isn’t a choice anymore about whether to use or not. You simply need to use in order to stop the horrible withdrawal symptoms, and you will pay anything to get your medicine. As time goes on, addicts build up a tolerance to drugs and alcohol and need to buy and consume more in order to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. This can double or triple the amount of money they need to spend on a daily basis in order to get their fix. Eventually, addicts are sacrificing everything else that requires money in order to get what they need. They will go without food, clothes, a home, without paying bills, and without spending money on their family.

You Don’t Know Who Your Real Friends Are

When using, people tend to hang around other users. Like many who have friends, they come together over a certain bond. In this case that bond is their drug or drink of choice. The problem is, since the only common ground that you have is the drug use. How do you know they are really there for you? Do they truly have your best interest at heart? Will they be there for you if something were to happen? Chances are the answer to those questions is no. If you are no longer in the picture, they will just go somewhere else, or to someone else, to get their fix. Friendships in sobriety, by comparison, are far more real and long-lasting, and they have the potential to bring great joy and survive incredible hardship. You are working together to help one another without the common ground around drugs and alcohol. This type of relationship is the way friendships are supposed to work and can be the key to a long, happy, sober life.

Negative Impacts on Others

When you are using, you aren’t thinking clearly or rationally. Many of the decisions that you make are the wrong ones and not only do they affect you, but they can also affect those around you as well. This will ultimately lead to the need to apologize a lot when you become sober again. It can also lead to great embarrassment and people won’t want to be around you anymore. That’s not to say that as a sober person you will never make a mistake again. Humans make mistakes. However, you will be able to address those mistakes in a more positive way. Plus, with a clear head, you can learn from those mistakes better. You may feel as though there are too many things to apologize for and don’t want to face the loved ones you have wronged so many times. On the contrary, all your loved ones really want is for you to apologize and work on getting better. They love you and are usually more willing to forgive you then you think.

You Will Be Respected More

Everyone wants to be respected more by his or her friends and peers. It’s difficult to earn respect when you are always high or drunk though. Even when you believe you are concealing your vices, your friends and family likely know there is something wrong. Furthermore, when you are high and drunk, you are more likely to say or do something that will make people think less of you. It’s those things that you wouldn’t do if you were sober that make people write you off so to say. Once again, that’s not to say that when you are sober you still might not screw up accidentally. Once again though, being sober allows you to turn your mistakes into positive experiences. In fact, being able to overcome addiction is a great way to earn respect, and can set you on the right path to making more respectable decisions.

Your Loved Ones Want You To Be Sober

In order to fully embrace sobriety, you have to want to do it. However, just know that during that process, your loved ones want you sober as well. Addiction is not only tough on you but it is also tough on those around you. It might actually be tougher on those around you than it is on you. While you can ultimately make the choice to seek treatment and get better, those around you are left mostly helpless and have to watch you slowly destroy your body and your life. Try putting yourself in their shoes for a minute. That’s not a fun spot to be in. So, just know that those that love you most want you sober just as much as you want to be sober. Once you begin the process you can begin to rebuild relationships with your friends and family and get back on the right path to sobriety.

What Are You Waiting For?

What life is waiting for you after addiction?Your family wants you to be sober. Your friends want you to be sober. You will enjoy life more being sober. So, what are you waiting for? By accepting the help available through treatment, you will be introduced to a new lifestyle without your drug of choice. Do not miss out on the opportunity for this journey to recovery from drug addiction in Florida. We know that this can feel overwhelming. Luckily, there are recovery communities with 12-Step Programs and support groups that can help you after being discharged from treatment.

We offer unique programs for individuals of all ages and situations. No matter how long you have been addicted, or how many times you have been into treatment, we are here to help you get your life back. Our team of compassionate counselors, medical professionals, and addiction psychologists can help you every step of the way. it all starts with a phone call.

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