So when will NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg expect citizens to bow as he enters the room, kind of like Julius Caesar: horse drawn chariots and trumpets sounding

New York where I grew up, the home of Times Square and 42nd street and every other vice known to mankind (and yes it’s  been cleaned up a bunch) and the greatest city in the world and King Michael wants to make soda illegal.

Granted we are a nation of out of shape people and obesity is rampant. Encourages folks to do something about is one thing, playing dictator is another. How about King Michael looking into the ingredients in a Big Mack, and what are those fries sitting in anyway?

I know how about going after the tobacco companies and perhaps make cigarettes illegal (just kidding smokers)

Or how bout King Michael going after the oil companies for the disgrace they are causing Americans to mortgage our houses for a gallon of gasoline. Even better how about King Michael tackle the other great rips offs – insurance companies and health care providers!

Hey King Michael if you’re listening – you have lost focus and your ego is reemerged. Take some of your billions and feed the homeless, even better feed the children who aren’t going to eat tonight and leave freedom and choice and democracy and soda alone!

I‘m just saying.



Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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