A Deeper Look into The Factors That Contribute To Addiction

Addiction does not discriminate.

risk factors of addictionIn order to progress successfully in your recovery you must understand what causes and supports the addiction cycle. Once you have a basic understanding of addiction, you can begin to work towards developing more coping and preventive methods for your recovery.

Addiction does not care what color your skin is, the texture of your hair or the size of your bank account. Addiction is a brain disease that can affect just about anybody. There are some factors that tie into whether someone becomes addiction or not and these include:


Addiction, to a certain extent, has a genetic predisposition. People with a family history of addiction (the closer the relation, the stronger the chance) have a higher chance of becoming addicted to a substance. Also, genetics plays a role in how certain body types absorb or metabolism particular substances. Although it is not the main cause of addiction, genetics have a strong role in it’s potential development.


Men are twice as likely as females to become addicts although women seem to progress faster in their addictions than men. This is especially through of women with alcoholism.

Mental Illness:

People with mental illnesses are at a higher risk of developing addiction due to dependence on medications, misuse of medications, and a need to self-medicate to cope with their mental illness and/or their addiction.

Family, Childhood, Culture:

A big factor in the development of drug abuse can be the familial, childhood and culture influences that a youth has. The family, especially parents, are the number one influence in a child’s life. Children aim to please their parents and look to them for guidance and protection. If they see their family engaging in violence, drug abuse and illegal activities they too might act accordingly and feel that is acceptable.

Drug of Choice:

Your drug of choice will also be a big factor in how you become addicted. People with a genetic predisposition to alcoholism might progress through that addiction a lot faster than if they’d tried another form of addiction. Or it might the one substance that they find it harder to quit, especially with the physical withdrawal symptoms that make it very hard to quit.


Someone’s age can determine the reasons why they begin to use drugs. Younger persons may be peer pressured into using drugs by their peers, family or older adults. Older adults may become addicted after searching for ways to cope with the stresses in their life and the elderly can sometimes begin abuse their medications by accident or intentionally as ways to cope with loneliness and getting older.

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