A Deeper Look at Addiction Recovery in FL

A Deeper Look at Addiction Recovery in FL

A recent Fox25Boston.com story sheds light on a growing problem for New Englanders looking for a trustworthy treatment option for their loved one. It tells the heartbreaking story of a mother, Jeanmarie McCauley, who lost three sons to heroin addiction.

Her son, Jesse McCauley had been in a long struggle with heroin receiving an “offer of a free flight to Florida and “free insurance” to pay for treatment was too good to pass up.” After false promises led her son to left the treatment facility, he bounced around to different facilities where he worked as a recruiter, bringing in other individuals who were also struggling with addiction.

Jesse was given a scooter and $500 to recruit people to the treatment center. A woman interviewed who was in a similar situation said she had a similar arrangement. She offered people free flights, but, unfortunately, they had little chance of actually getting better.

The treatment clinic referenced in the clip was raided in December by the state of Florida and is no longer in business. 

Boston 25 News reported that less legitimate organizations are giving the area a bad reputationThe reality is that a lot of waitlists in Massachusetts are growing long and a few new marketing organizations are taking advantage of it in Florida.

Affordable Professional Addiction Care Is Available

FHE Health is a nationally recognized, dually accredited, dual-diagnosis treatment center that focuses on the care, support, and well-being of those who suffer from addiction. Our staff of over 40 doctors, psychologists, and nurses has been working since 2001 to provide the best in addiction treatment care possible for our clients

While other treatment centers diagnose based only the description of symptoms, Florida House utilizes Neurorehabilitative feedback to provide our clients with a full picture of their condition and retrain the brains to function as well as, or better than the way they were before addiction.

Customized substance abuse care is available 24/7 at our state-of-the-art clinic. Call 844-299-0618 for a 100% confidential call with one of our qualified addiction counselors. Take control of your life today.

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Read the full article on Fox25Boston.com

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