Withdrawal with addiction recovery can be a scary event when you are unaware of the chemical responses the happen in the body. Drugs and alcohol force the brain to release chemicals that suppress the neurotransmitters – think of them like bridges from your brain to your feelings. The reduction of the drugs and alcohol can cause the body to try and compensate by releasing adrenaline. This release will cause the different symptoms of withdrawal.
Each drug will often result in different symptoms. Different people will also react in different ways – often dictated by the length of time the drug or alcohol has been used. Some people experience very little physical symptoms of withdrawal but do suffer from emotional symptoms instead. Be aware of potentials symptoms so that you can seek help from a trained professional.
Some Symptoms of Withdrawal
Lack of concentration
Racing heart
Nausea or vomiting
Muscle tension
Tightness in chest
Breathing difficulties

The body needs to recover from the over stimulation that comes from the substance. Understanding the withdrawal symptoms will help you know what to watch for when it comes to staying healthy during the recovery process.

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