5 Things Your Family Should Do While You’re At a Florida Drug Rehab

Family is important to recovery

florida drug rehab centerA Florida drug rehab center is where your loved one will go to receive treatment for their addiction. While your loved one is at a Florida drug rehab center you will be left wondering, “Now what?” The amount of damage done to ones life due to drug use does not end at the individual’s own suffering. Many relationships are destroyed on the road of addiction. Parental relationships, romantic relationships, friendships, and even basic associations can become severely strained due to addiction. As much as these relationships can become strained they’re also a vital part to the recovery process. As a family disease, those who have been affected by addiction may take years to recover, as they rebuild and stabilize their lives, independent of what the alcohol and drug addicted family member does.  Without question, it can seem overwhelming, but it helps to keep in mind that commitment to the recovery process is also a commitment to the overall well being of the whole family.  

Things Your Family Could Do

Your family should know that they are going to need their own treatment and coping mechanisms in order to handle their own feelings and emotions while you are at a Florida Drug Rehab Center. They’ve already been through so much but the focus has been on you and now it’s time for them to be on them.

  1. Join a support group–

Joining a support group (while your loved one is in a Florida Drug Rehab Center) is so important for family members and their journey to healing. Some family members may also be fighting their own addictions and need to seek support for that.

  1. Stop enabling the addiction  –

You must stop engaging in actions that continue to enable the addicts in your life. You cannot bail them out of jail, send them money, pay their debts, make excuses for them and engage in other supportive but not conducive behaviors that are hurting them more than helping. Your loved one will probably call you from the Florida drug rehab center they are at asking for you to send money or pick them up so they can leave early. Do not give it to this and ask to speak to their counselor.

  1. Educate Yourself on Addiction –

While your loved one is receiving treatment at a Florida drug rehab center you should become familiar with addiction. Addiction is difficult and unpredictable and there are scientific and medical factors that play into it. Everyone should know what addiction is and how it works not just those who are directly struggling with it. The mindset that most people have of treating it as something that doesn’t affect them has helped perpetuate some pretty inaccurate stereotypes.

  1. Learn and Use Coping Skills –

Through your support group meetings and education on addiction you can learn how to cope with your feelings and emotions. The Florida drug rehab center your loved one is at should give you some information on how to cope.

  1. See an Addiction Professional –
    If you have an addiction or have been affected by someone else’s addiction you should consider seeing an addiction professional. You might finally find peace and healing. If your loved one is healing at a Florida drug rehab center then why can’t you?

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