3 Steps To Help Stop Co-dependency in Sober Living Program Florida

Understanding Codependency in Sober Living Program Florida

sober living program floridaSober living program Florida can help you move past your codependency relationships. Codependency is when you value the life and relationship with another person than you do your own. Social, cultural and educational factors can impact the way one sees the way they act in their relationships with others. If you grew up in an emotional and physically abuse household what you consider to be a healthy relationship can be an unhealthy and potentially damaging one. When you’re in a codependent relationship you’re constantly putting yourself down and putting the other person before yourself. You are most likely being used and abused by the other person and coming to terms with the situation is sometimes harder than removing yourself from it. Sober living program Florida helps provide support groups for those who have codependency issues.

Dealing with codependency in a sober living program Florida

Your codependency issues will not resolve themselves completely but sober living program Florida can help set up the transition for you. It is repeated many times throughout detox; rehab and recovery that you will need to remove yourself from the people, places and things that have fueled your drug and alcohol addiction. You might be in a codependent romantic relationship and the stress, tensions, and expectations from that relationship can be pushing you closer to a relapse. You have to let it go and here’s how:

  1. Learn how to pin point codependent behaviors –

Is your partner (friend, sibling, associate, etc) out of control and you’re the one who rushes to fix it? Is your partner distant and uninterested and you’re all involved and making the effort? If you didn’t try to make all the moves, would there be any relationship at all? Learn to pin point your codependent actions. Now that you’re at sober living program Florida, take the time to think about everything you’ve been through and how you can make a change for the better.

  1. Stop the negative self-talk –

Negative self-talk will keep you in the same situation you are currently in. You have to take control of the way you talk to yourself and treat yourself. Stop putting yourself down and telling yourself that you’re less than. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle to yourself. If you have these negative thoughts about yourself reach out to your group for help at the sober living program Florida that you’re attending.

  1. Start to move away from the codependent behavior –

Slowly but surely you can start to move yourself away from codependent behaviors and relationships. You have to choice to say enough is enough and while being in a sober living program Florida you will have the distance and support group to help facilitate that process.

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