3 Recovery Services You’ll Receive in Outpatient Treatment Florida

Our Outpatient Treatment Florida provides you with full addiction medical evaluations.

outpatient treatmentOutpatient treatment Florida services can be found at FHE Health. Substance abuse evaluations and assessments to determine addiction. Medically and psychologically supervised evaluations help us confirm addiction disease diagnosis and prepare adult patients for residential or outpatient treatment. Without a full medical evaluation you won’t be able to prepare yourself for detox, inpatient, partial-hospitalization, residential care and/or outpatient treatment Florida if necessary.

Florida House Outpatient Treatment Florida Focuses on Therapy

Our outpatient treatment Florida focuses on group and individual therapy. There is also an emphasis on further strengthening one’s core. During the outpatient phase, patients are challenged to continue building and utilizing their network of sober supports within the local community and to integrate recovery principles in all aspects of daily activities. Intensive outpatient treatment patients continue to receive the ongoing dedication and commitment from our clinical and medical staff. Treatment activities during our intensive outpatient program include individual therapy and scheduled group therapy. Intensive outpatients continue to reside in our facilities. Our facilities include JoJo’s cafe, swimming pool, fitness center, and family rooms. We also focus on therapy and offer the following outpatient treatment Florida therapy sessions:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Group Therapy

  • Self-Help Groups

  • Recovery Support Workshops

  • Life Skills

  • Relapse Prevention

Florida House Outpatient Treatment Florida Provides Drug and Alcohol Testing

We consider our outpatient level of care to be the third phase in our three phases of treatment. In the outpatient treatment phase you are almost ready to return to a normal life but you’re not quite there. Due to you not being under watch at our facility and coming and going we do require random drug and alcohol testing. These tests are implemented to protect you and the other clients that are currently in inpatient. FHE Health’s intensive outpatient program is designed for success. We prepare our recovering clients for a healthy transition into society. The goal of our intensive outpatient program is for our patients to be able to manage stress without drugs or alcohol. We encourage our clients to apply learned recovery skills to real life settings.

If you or someone you know is need of outpatient treatment Florida please give us a call at 1-844-299-0618. Outpatient Treatment Florida Facilities like FHE Health are here to help you move past your addiction and into recovery.


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