Guitarist for 3 Doors Down Was Brought Down By Fentanyl

Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts of 3 Doors Down Overdosed on Prescription Meds

The family of guitarist Matthew Roberts is accusing an Alabama doctor of fueling the musician’s opioid addiction before he died of a drug overdose. Like other celebrities who have overdosed, there was a range of prescription drugs in his system when he died.

As reported by Fox6Now, authorities say 38-year-old Matthew Roberts was found dead in August 2016 in the hallway of a hotel outside Milwaukee, where he was to perform in a charity concert.

In a lawsuit filed recently in Alabama, Roberts’ family says Dr. Richard Snellgrove began prescribing high levels of opioids to the musician in 2006 and continued doing so until days before he died, a decade later.

Other defendants named in the lawsuit include Rite Aid pharmacies, which the family said failed to report Roberts’ suspected drug abuse.

On Aug. 20, 2016, Roberts was found dead in the hallway of a Hampton Inn in West Bend, Wisconsin, with a guitar case next to him and a patch that delivers the opioid fentanyl on his body, a special agent with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration wrote in an affidavit

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