20 Overdoses In 3 Days: Lowell, Mass Is Slammed

Lowell, Mass

Town Is Struck by Flood of Overdoses

Lowell, Massachusetts is reeling from 20 overdoses in just 3 days. Fortunately, authorities using a new tracking software were able to save everyone.

As reported by 25 News, Lowell emergency responders are dealing with an alarming spike of overdoses this weekend – 20 overdoses were reported in just three days.

None of the overdoses were fatal, but the city council made a rule to notify the community whenever the number of overdoses exceeded twenty in just three days.

Fire Chief Jeff Winward worries the underlying cause for these overdoses is a strong batch of drugs that’s been putting more lives at risk than usual.

The city of Lowell is one of only 35 cities in the country to use an app called First Watch, where they can track where overdoses are happening and can get EMS to the location faster.

“They can get a gage of what’s happening and where it’s happening live in the city, and then each one of those pins is a patient care report,” said Jon Kelley, an emergency responder who oversees First Watch for the city. “I think the availability for the city to respond instantly as the threat increases is critical to helping to save lives.”

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To read more about how Lowell is struggling with a flood of overdoses, please visit Boston 25 News.

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