The 15210: Pittsburgh Communities Rally to Fight Opioid Crisis

Pittsburgh Three Rivers

Linked By A Common Crisis, Pittsburgh Neighborhoods Fight Back

A string of small towns outside of Pittsburgh are stepping up in the face of an unprecedented number of overdoses.

According to the Post-Gazzette, Carrick, Knoxville and Allentown have some of the highest raw numbers of fatal overdoses and most daunting rates of drug deaths in the county. The ZIP code they share, 15210, has suffered more fatal overdoses than any other similar area in southwestern Pennsylvania.

“The fact that they are recognizing the challenge before them, coming together and collaborating to solve this problem, is hopeful,” Karen Hacker, the Allegheny County Health Department director, said in responding to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s special report, “Riding OD Road,” which detailed the epidemic’s causes and effects in those neighborhoods.

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Learn more about how the communities in the 15210 are turning the tide against opioid addiction.

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