Reach for The Stars You Love

When you come back from long term rehab in Florida you want to do anything you can to make sure your life is conducive to living a sober life. You left detox in South Florida knowing there was more hard work to do. You want to be able to build the kind of life that… Read More

Rationalizing Doesn’t Make It True

In this stressful world, alcohol consumption and drug use have become normalized. With the amount of anxiety and pressure we are under due to unachievable societal expectations, or other life hardships, there’s every expectation that you will attend activities, celebrations, and outings involving large amounts of alcohol. You will get pressured to order alcohol, it… Read More

You Can’t Binge Your Way To The Top

Binge drinking has become the new normal in our society, but not just binge drinking like I knew of when I was a kid, sustained drinking for days, it is a consistent sustained drinking as quickly as possible. I remember hearing as a kid about fraternities that would make their initiants drink beer from a… Read More

How Emotional Triggers Can Make or Break Sobriety

After rehab there’s nothing scarier than a possible relapse. Don’t worry, almost everyone feels that fear when they’re reentering the everyday world, full of looming stressors. Trust in what you learned in rehab. But also, keep in mind that the hard work of recovery only began with detox, treatment and rehab. Your continuing healing and… Read More

More than Just Momentary Fun with Ecstasy

Ecstasy Explained Ecstacy is the kind of drug you think of someone doing in their twenties. Maybe you and your friends buy tickets to a Radiohead concert, you take your MDMA, “it’s so pure”, your friend who scored it says with anticipation in their eyes. You take the pill and the concert starts. The lights… Read More

Taking Another Look at Fentanyl Addiction

Fentanyl Explained Have you ever heard of Fentanyl? I hadn’t heard of it until I found out about Prince’s death. It was one of the drugs in the cocktail of intoxicants found in his bloodstream in the tox report. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid. Fentanyl is so strong that it can be one hundred times… Read More

The Cannabis Controversy

There is a lot of conversation and change in the United States right now surrounding how the country approaches marijuana. The controversy is real with some very strong feelings on both sides of the argument. So let’s take a closer look at Cannabis so that you can decide for yourself whether it is a miracle… Read More

There’s Hope in Addiction Recovery

Millions of Americans have recently done some kind of illegal substance. Many of these Americans first tried their drug of choice before they were even in adolescence. Some of the most common drug preferences for Americans are alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, opioids and cocaine. With the easy availability of these substances in middle schools and high… Read More

Getting To Know You

When you’re recovering from drug or alcohol addiction you may notice that your emotions and reactions to different situations feel strange to you. It may feel like you can’t even recognize yourself in your feelings. Addiction to most drugs and alcohol alters your mood, causes depression and anxiety, alters the intensity of the moment and… Read More