Drug Profile: Ultram

Drug Profile of Ultram

Ultram is a synthetic opioid that is prescribed to treat moderate-to-severe forms of pain. Other brand names for Ultram include “Conzip,” “Ultracet,” “Ryzolt,” and “Rybix.” Like other opioids, Ultram can be habit-forming, so prescribing physicians must carefully monitor patients who take this drug, or prescribe it in conjunction with other medications. Because the drug has traditionally been associated… Read More

The Shocking News That May Increase Your Fear of Going to the Dentist – Plus Other Drug-Related VA News

VA Drug-related news

A visit to the dentist is typically met with some anxiety and fear. Having a metal instrument scraping your teeth is the least comfortable way to spend an afternoon. However, usually you can trust your dentist to be knowledgeable and experienced, and to carry out the unpleasant job with the utmost professionalism. Not so for Virginia Beach, VA… Read More

Common Concerns in the Rehab Admissions Process – What to Know for Your Peace of Mind

When you have a drug or alcohol addiction or other mental health condition that is destroying your health and relationships and jeopardizing life itself, seeking treatment is always the very best thing you can do for yourself. This recovery journey usually begins with a simple phone call— in many cases to a prospective rehab provider. If they are… Read More

How Broward County and Deerfield Beach Are Saving Lives from Addiction

How broward county detox is saving lives

Choosing to enter a detox program is an enormous decision that can help you break free of harmful addictions and recover the life you once had. At FHE Health, we work with every patient to design a regimen to meet their specific needs using cutting-edge therapies. We work with patients from young adults to senior citizens so you can receive the medical… Read More

FHE Health Receives Fourth Sun Sentinel Top Workplace Award

FHE Receives 2019 Top Work Place Sun Sentinel

This month FHE Health received the Pulitzer Prize-winning Sun Sentinel’s 2019 “Top Workplace Award.” The prestigious honor is based on employee feedback that is collected every spring by the South Florida newspaper in partnership with the Philadelphia-based company, Energage. This year, a survey of 25,000 working South Floridians, (12,000 of whom responded), found that FHE Health was among… Read More

Drug Profile: Morphine

Morphine Profile

Since the early 19th century, patients struggling with pain have relied on morphine as a powerful pain reliever. Named after Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams, morphine is reported to provide a euphoric experience. By the late 19th century, physicians began to recognize the addictive properties of the opioid. Today, morphine is a Schedule II Controlled Substance, as… Read More

How the Latest Innovation in Brain Science Can Help Patients with Opiate, Benzo and Stimulant Addictions: Expert Opinion

Dr. Dogris on how neurostim is changing addiction detox

Neurostimulation, a technique that involves direct electrical, magnetic and/or other vibrational stimulation to the brain, has been effectively treating mental illnesses like depression for decades in Europe, Australia and other parts of the world. In the United States, however, the treatment is not yet considered mainstream, and FHE Health is one of very few (if any) rehab facilities… Read More

The Clean, Sober Diet: Tips for Eating Well in Recovery

Tips for Eating Well in Recovery - Sober Diet

A healthy diet is important for everything from maintaining a normal weight to preventing elevated risks of things like stroke and heart disease. Significant scientific research goes into determining the effects of different foods on the human body, with general conclusions pointing to natural whole foods as the best option. For those hoping to maintain health in sobriety,… Read More

How Addiction Can Affect Child Custody Rights

Concerned about child custody when seeking addiction help

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or any other qualifier, can fall victim to a substance use disorder. And that, of course, includes parents. Balancing parenting and addiction isn’t an easy battle, especially for those who started drinking casually or took narcotic pain medication for a legitimate reason, only to end up at the… Read More