Beyond the Movie Myths: The Truth About Antisocial Personality Disorders

Despite the frequency with which the term antisocial is used in both casual conversation and armchair diagnosis

Despite the frequency with which the term “antisocial” is used in both casual conversation and armchair diagnoses, the reality of antisocial personality disorder is far different than commonplace usage of the word indicates. A personality disorder that often manifests as a general disregard for the thoughts, feelings and emotions of other people, antisocial personality disorder can also be… Read More

Free to Feel Good: Quality of Life & The Transition to Sobriety

What if you don't like being sober or you dont like your sober 'self'? Many people are worried that seeking sobriety means becoming a goody-two-shoes!

Sobriety can be scary, for many reasons. First, because rehab and recovery is not a simple or easy road, though it is a journey that’s possible for anyone willing to reach out for help and do the work. Second, recovery may seem like an unknown for individuals who have lived a life with drugs or alcohol for some time. What if you… Read More

Overcoming Denial: When an Addicted Loved One Doesn’t Want Help

How to help a loved one overcome denial - When an addicted loved one doesn't want life

When your loved one is among the 23.5 million Americans addicted to drugs or alcohol, it’s only natural to want to help them. However, promoting treatment is rarely as easy as telling someone they need help. In the depths of addiction, denial is very strong, and it’s not uncommon for those in the midst to become angry, aggressive or standoffish… Read More

Battle of the Back Roads: Arkansas Responds to the Rural Drug Trade

Battle of the Back Roads

Known as the Natural State, Arkansas is home to over 3 million people in the southern United States. And, like most states throughout the U.S., illicit drug use is rampant throughout Little Rock, Fort Smith, Fayetteville and beyond. This is particularly true for opioid use. Like many of its neighbors such as Oklahoma, Mississippi and Texas, overdose deaths from heroin as well… Read More

Going Solo: Is Drinking Alone Always a Sign of Alcoholism?

Many people enjoy drinking a couple of beers, glasses of wine or mixed drinks in the evening after a particularly stressful day.

Does Drinking Alone Mean You’re an Alcoholic? Drinking alone in moderation and only occasionally is not a symptom of alcohol abuse. Many people enjoy drinking a couple of beers, glasses of wine or mixed drinks in the evening after a particularly stressful day. The myth that drinking alone means you have an alcohol abuse problem is an old… Read More

Baby Blues: Supporting a Spouse Through Post-Partum Depression

How to support a spouse through post-partum depression

Postpartum depression, or the ‘baby blues’, is a condition that can impact the way a mother feels and handles stress in the months after giving birth. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 1 in every 10 women experience the signs of depression overall, but 1 in 9 women experience postpartum depression symptoms. Depression makes dealing with daily… Read More

Benzedrine: Drug Profile

Drug Profile - Benzedrine

Benzedrine is a type of amphetamine that was prescribed as a decongestant as early as 1932.  Often used as an inhalant, Benzedrine works well to clear the nasal passageways. At first, no one recognized the high risk of addiction that came with the use of this drug.  Made popular for many reasons, including famous users such as the writer Jack Kerouac,… Read More

Truth, Fiction and Real Solutions on Arizona’s Southern Border

Truth, Fiction and Real Solutions on the Arizona Border

Will a wall alone, separating the U.S. from Mexico really stop the flow of drugs into the country? While proponents of President Trump’s wall say yes, law enforcement and drug smuggling authorities say no. News reports of drug smugglers using tunnels under existing Mexico-U.S. barriers are common and not surprising to border patrol agents. Recently, a tunnel that Mexican… Read More

Getting By: The Trap of Coping With Alcoholism… And How to Escape

The Trap of coping with alcoholism and how to escape. - For those battling alcoholism

Alcoholism is a crippling disease, impacting every facet of daily life. For those battling alcoholism, the day-to-day struggles often lead to poor decision-making and coping mechanisms. Instead of reaching out for help, many people look for ways to manage physical and emotional problem caused by the disease instead. With online communities offering ongoing support and sometimes encouragement, it… Read More