Sherief Moustafa, BSN, RN, CAP, ICDAC

Sherief Moustafa is the founder, owner, and CEO of FHE Health Group. For over 25 years, Mr. Moustafa has dedicated his career to the advancement of excellence in behavioral healthcare.  Nationally recognized as an innovator in the field, Sherief was named to Cambridge Who’s Who in 2010 for his dedication and leadership in rehabilitation services.

Mr. Moustafa’s mission to make high-quality behavioral healthcare both accessible and affordable began during his time at Harvard Teaching Hospital and in nursing supervisory roles. His subsequent experience in real estate development and entrepreneurship led him to establish FHE Health in 2002. FHE has expanded steadily in both size and breadth of services since its inception to its position today as one of the most highly respected names in behavioral health. Sherief is an expert in clinical operations, growth-oriented investment strategy, business development, and multi-location facility management, as well as in the design of functional and elegant healthcare facilities.

A devoted philanthropist and dedicated community leader, Sherief’s vision and generosity provide hundreds of individual treatment scholarships and educational services for both families and organizations. His fearless leadership inspires others, endears him to employees and has resulted in consecutive annual awards for best workplace. Mr. Moustafa attributes his success to his faith in God and following his calling.

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