Rami Sleiman, BS, CHC

CPO - Rami Sleiman

Rami Sleiman is the Chief Compliance and Operations Officer of FHE Health. Mr. Sleiman is from Boston, Massachusetts and a graduate from Trinity College (CT) with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He holds a certification in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) and specializes Healthcare Operations. He has designed and implemented systems of compliance throughout the organization, connecting quality of care with documentation, billing, risk management, regulatory guidelines, and outcomes.

Mr. Sleiman has successfully passed multiple accreditation surveys, licensure inspections, and insurance audits with top marks. He has designed and implemented multiple clinical programs in compliance with local, federal, and regulatory guidelines. Rami also chairs multiple committees within the organization.

Mr. Sleiman maintains a passion for self-discovery. For this reason, he is student of philosophy, meditation and entrepreneurship.

Rami Sleiman Contact Information:
Phone: 954-794-7956

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