Molly Lauroesch

FHE Team - Sandra Lynch Larmond

In her role as the director of alumni services, Ms. Lauroesch is responsible for managing our alumni department and its operations. This means she spends a lot of her time communicating with our large and always growing network of former patients (now FHE Health alumni), and creating and maintaining positive relationships with the surrounding community.

Prior to joining our team, Molly worked in a variety of jobs in the hospitality industry. These equipped her with strong management, administrative and employee relations skills, as well as a knack for two aptitudes that she regularly employs in her current position: public speaking and social media communications.

Ms. Lauroesch graduated magna cum laude (meaning “with great distinction”) from Palm Beach State College, where she earned an Associate of Arts degree. She is now currently studying industrial and organizational psychology at the University of Central Florida.

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