Along with extensive case management experience, Misha is experienced in running didactic and creative groups.  She utilizes motivational speeches to encourage and empower others in her groups and in interacting with clients on a daily basis. Misha is able to build a solid rapport with clients assisting them in developing positive outcomes that will impact their goals. Having gone through a successful recovery herself, Misha knows the effect a great treatment program can have on a client, as well as the abundance of internal and external gifts given when practicing self-care.

Misha is completing her bachelor’s degree in health administration, and she looks forward to customizing solutions to the needs of the clients through building platforms that make it easier for clients to be on-board and integrate into the program to increase success. Misha is excited that FHE is allowing her to learn new things about her passion for human services. “I can’t imagine doing anything else. every morning I wake up and get to engage with the most amazing people. Being an advocate and having the potential to positively influence someone who had long ago given up on having happiness and long-term stability, makes me proud to do the work I am doing with The Florida House Experience”

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