Donny Martinelli

Director of Admissions - Donny Martinelli

Donald “Donny” Martinelli first established himself in the workforce through the automotive industry. During his career of almost 20 years, he advanced into executive management and earned national recognition for superior customer service and satisfaction. His achievements made it evident that Donald’s determination to help others was a prominent part of his professional life even before entering the Healthcare industry. This passion, as well as his multifaceted experience and management expertise, made Donald uniquely qualified for the field of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. After leaving the automotive industry, Donald established a career in medical SUD treatment and recovery that now spans more than 13 years. Like many professionals in this specialized field of the Healthcare industry, Donald has personal experience in coping with SUD. His own recovery from SUD has lasted over most of his adult life. Today, Donald is the Director of Admissions, for FHE Health located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. As a business leader, he is responsible for upholding industry standards for all aspects of patient care and staff professionalism. His notable success in building and leading our multidisciplinary treatment teams demonstrates a compassion for patients that leaves a lasting impression. Moreover, Donald’s honest representation of our programs and services allows patients in recovery to have the best treatment experience possible. His passion for changing lives— whether it’s his patients’, employees’, or coworkers’— has always been his focus. As the Director of Admissions, and as someone who understands the SUD treatment and recovery processes firsthand, Donald’s ultimate goal is to assist others in reaching their fullest potential.

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