Anne Weymouth is currently the Program Director for “Shatterproof” the First Responder program at FHE Health. The Shatterproof Group is a First Responder specific program which includes group therapy focused on managing PTSD and other co-occurring disorders, providing individual counseling sessions, multiple assessment tools as well as trauma-specific interventions such as EMDR and Neuro Rehab.  The focus is gaining comprehension of how their trauma expresses itself, managing the symptoms effectively and substantially reducing the impact of trauma-related manifestations to improve quality of life, resilience and empower the client.  Anne Weymouth was also the Program Manager for Station House Retreat which was a specialized and unique approach to treatment for First Responders suffering from addiction and other trauma-related symptoms.  The program was designed based upon an evidence-based task-centered competency approach in which every component, group, assessment, session has specific objectives and curriculum to assist with the multifaceted struggles that First Responders face.  The research focused approach has created the optimal opportunity for First Responders to receive the services that they need and to put them in a position for future success with greater understanding and relief of debilitating symptoms providing an opportunity for restoration of balance and integration.
Ms. Weymouth has a long history in the field and was the Clinical Director for United Recovery Project and created a curriculum built on the premise that using a task-centered competency-based approach to therapeutic interventions is vital to assisting clients with internalizing and accepting specific beliefs/understanding of key recovery and mental health paradigms.   Anne has prior experience working with culturally specific populations and specializes in working with closed systems.  Earlier work includes being a Supervisor of a Women’s Program, Clinician with the Seminole Tribe of South Florida as well as years of work with the Department of Corrections in the State of Florida.  Anne’s background includes training in specialties such as sexual addiction, process addictions, and trauma therapy.  Ms. Weymouth is an LMHC, a Certified Sexual Addiction and Trauma Therapist, a Certified Criminal Justice Professional and is a Certified Addiction Professional.  She was also a member of the Faculty for The Academy for Addiction Professionals where she taught other professionals how to work in the field of addiction as they pursue the certification.

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