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Treatment Programs for Adults

At FHE Health, we offer a number of different treatment programs for adults to begin the journey to recovery. We acknowledge that addiction is a difficult disease to overcome, and can often present itself in partnership with any number of the following:

While these are only a few of the mental illness related to adult treatment programs, it is important to know that there is help available to treat both your addiction and co-occurring mental illness.

Addiction is complicated, so the road to recovery is sometimes complex as well. Let us take the burden off your shoulders by walking with you on the road to recovery. We offer numerous treatment plans that focus on the unique individual. Taking such an individual approach to recovery is imperative to recovery that is lasting.

We offer a number of treatment programs to suit your individual needs. Although it may vary, treatment typically begins with a medical detox program to flush all of the addictive substances from the addict’s body. While this process may be painful and difficult, we offer full supervision so that you are never alone. Following this step, we offer various recovery programs including but not limited to holistic care, cognitive behavioral therapy, 12 step programs, and more.

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Addiction in Adults

It is no secret that the prevalence of addiction has a continued increase in the United States over the years. But did you know that heroin overdose has taken the lives of more people than car accidents have in recent years? This drastic damage to society caused by untreated addiction is why there is such a need for medically backed adult treatment programs.

There are typically various myths concerning treatment that tend to keep people from taking the first step. A few common myths are that you have to hit rock bottom before you go, that you may appear weak if you seek treatment, or that treatment isn’t for people like you. Let us be the first to tell you that each of these myths is exactly that: myths.

There is help available for those who are ready to do the work to achieve a sober lifestyle free from the struggles of addiction. You do not have to hit rock bottom in order to get help. In fact, help is available right this moment, if you choose to seek it. Getting help does not make you weak, but in fact, makes you one of the strongest individuals for being willing to face your problems head-on and declare that you are going to turn your life around.

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Finally, addiction is a disease. Once you are stuck in the addictive cycle, it is no longer a moral choice but rather a deeply ingrained habit that has physically changed the neural pathways in your brain. This changes things. It means you don’t need to hit rock bottom, that it is not too late, and that you are not weak. You are not alone. You can do this, and we are here to help you each step of the way.

Adults and Mental Health

Unfortunately, the relationship between adult treatment programs and mental health go hand in hand. As stress levels continue to rise due to the demanding addiction, mental health continues to decline. We need a better method of dealing with mental health, which is more commonly being referred to as a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Mental Health Programs

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At FHE Health, we offer a number of treatment options including cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a great way to map out your thinking in order to target negative thought patterns. We also offer a holistic care program which seeks to take the whole person into account in order to address the mental illness. Whatever form of treatment you choose, your life is worth too much to let mental illness control it. Let us help you in the fight against your mental illness. We are here for you.

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