How can Florida House Experience Help?

We understand the impact that the struggle with addiction can have on your life. We are here to provide a safe environment for individuals that are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction to focus on a new journey; sobriety. We provide our patients with the
proper tools to prepare for assimilating back into “real time” post treatment. Tools used in addiction treatment range from medical detox upon arrival to group and individualized therapy.

What is Addiction?

To understand how drug and alcohol treatment works, you must understand what addiction is. Addiction is a disease that is developed when an individual abuses a substance and starts to recognize negative effects in life brought on by drug or alcohol use. There are many different addictive substances on this planet, and there are many different reasons that addiction can form. Addiction can be a learned behavior, a way to self-medicate, or a developed dependency of a prescription drug. All addictions cause suffering to both the individual afflicted with addiction and the addict’s loved ones. To be familiar with addiction one must be familiar with a few terms:

Tolerance: This is what happens when an individual has to take more of a substance to feel the desired effects. Tolerance is heightened when the body recognizes dependence to a substance.

Dependence: This term is commonly used in place of addiction, yet it holds a different meaning. Dependence is when the body cannot perform at optimal levels when an addictive substance is not present. It is a sign of addiction, but not all that are dependent can be deemed addicted.

Addiction: This is more of a behavior than a defined line between substance use and abuse. When using a substance causes negative impacts on an individual’s life, they struggle with addiction.

Do you Struggle with Addiction?

To determine if you have an addiction, ask yourself the following:

  • Have you ever self-medicated by using drugs or alcohol?
  • Have you tried to stop using and failed?
  • Have you had any legal problems as a result of drinking or using drugs?
  • Do family members often tell you that you have a problem?
  • Have you developed relationship problems as a result of drinking or drug use?
  • Do you ever lie to others about your drug or alcohol use?
  • Do you continue to use drugs or alcohol although you recognize their negative side effects?
  • Have you ever had a blackout as a result of drinking or using drugs?
  • Do you ever feel shame or regret after using drugs or alcohol?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may need alcohol or drug addiction treatment. The problem of addiction is apparent in those that continue to use despite the obvious side effects. Fortunately, treatment is effective in treating addiction, so you do not have to live with your addiction forever! It has been said, time and time again, that the hardest part is to admit that there is a problem in your life on account of your struggle with addiction. Take the jump into treatment and take your life back from addiction. With determination and desire you can be successful in addiction recovery.

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Addiction Treatment Services

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, it is important to seek help immediately. Addiction can often lead to serious mental, physical, and emotional health problems; including death. Treatment is effective if it is made one of the highest importances in life. The Florida House Experience utilizes medical, psychiatric, and clinical approaches to treatment. There are a number of different addiction treatment options to choose from, but it is important to understand that not all are right for everybody. Additionally, it is important to know that sometimes the most unwanted form of treatment is the most effective. Treatment options provided to those struggling with addiction at The Florida House Experience include:

  • Medical Detox: This is the process of removing the addictive substance from the body. Upon arrival at our medical detox center, each individual is examined to determine any medical or psychiatric problems that contribute to your addiction symptoms. In this beginning stage of treatment, you are provided your own doctor, psychiatrist, nurse, clinical therapist, and case manager for the duration of your treatment stay. A blend of withdrawal prevention medicines and guided detox methods allow detox to occur in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Residential: This 30-day option for treatment is a residential stay program at our treatment facility where we implement the skills you need to live a sober life free from addiction. Each individual that stays for the residential program will have a treatment plan designed specifically for his or her specific needs. In this homey environment, you will learn to address the underlying causes of your addiction and take responsibility for your own behaviors and actions. Specific services offered by the residential program includes a yoga and fitness center, individualized therapy, group therapy, 12- step meetings, recreational therapy, psychiatric consulting, and meditation and spirituality workshops.
  • Outpatient: This treatment program is perfect for those that don’t have 30 days to go to treatment. Individuals can attend to their daily jobs and responsibilities and attend either our daytime or nighttime outpatient treatment programs. All services that are provided to residential patients are also available to outpatient participants. Individualized and group therapy sessions are utilized to promote the learning of sober skills needed post treatment.
  • Cognitive Fitness: Since physical activity is proven to help reduce stress and keep those in addiction recovery in the best shape to focus on their sobriety, it is an important part of what we teach at The Florida House Experience. All that participate in the cognitive fitness services will learn about preparation, nutrition, physical fitness, and bodily recovery. Services provided include medical supervision, physical therapy, fitness instruction, and massage therapy.
  • Sober Living Home: This post treatment service is provided in a gender-specific environment for all that wish to continue their treatment while implementing daily responsibilities in the days of early recovery. Since these days are the most trying for recovering addicts, support from every which way can help them make the best decisions. Sober living lets newly recovered individuals live their lives outside of treatment while still keeping sobriety their number one priority.
  • Aftercare: Recovery lasts as long as you stay sober, so it must be worked on daily even in the long-term. Fortunately, the aftercare and alumni services at The Florida House Experience keep those that have experienced our treatment services in touch. All graduates of the programs are welcome to a weekly alumni meeting and quarterly family events to keep the family atmosphere of our treatment facility intact. The support that is provided during treatment lasts a lifetime because the friendship created at FHE does too.