Women’s Sober Living

Leaving treatment, without the needed sober skill development, raises the risk of relapse for those in early recovery. The women’s sober living program at Florida House Experience gives women the needed skill development and support system post treatment that raises the chance for success in long-term recovery. Jumping right from treatment back into old life could bring about old behaviors and activities, namely substance abuse. Additionally, living outside of treatment and still focusing on sobriety gives the recovering woman time to focus on where she wants to go once her stay is over. Job placement services are provided to the women who live in our women’s sober living facility so that they are given the best tools for success during the start of their recovery journey. Sober living homes give women the option to continue focusing on their drug or alcohol addiction recovery in a safe, supported, and guided environment before entering back to their daily lives completely. 

Sober Living and Relapse Prevention

Relapse is when a recovering addict uses and is no longer sober after treatment. Most of the deaths accountable to overdose happen from a relapse. This is because a seasoned addict will have a higher tolerance for their drug of choice. After detox and time sober, tolerance for drugs diminishes. A newly sober individual who relapses will likely take the high amount of their substance they were previously used to, causing an overdose. Since relapse is mostly seen in the earliest days of recovery, jumping right back into daily life after treatment could bring back old habits and eventually lead to relapse. It’s important to avoid relapse at all cost, especially directly following drug or alcohol addiction treatment.women's sober living 1The women’s sober living home at The Florida House Experience program option gives newly recovered individuals the motivation and support needed during early recovery to continue with sobriety goals. Additionally, the women’s sober living experience provides individuals with the necessary sober skills required to keep relapse at bay and live a life full of quality. Those enrolled in our women’s sober living house experience will have the following opportunities:

  • Open access to psychiatric care including group and individualized therapy.
  • Relationship and domestic violence education and counseling.
  • Access to medical clinic and prescription medication management.
  • Option to enroll in self-help classes like yoga and mindfulness meditation.
  • Recreational planned events like bowling, fishing, and professional sporting events.

The Difference in Our Sober Living Homes

We really pride ourselves at The Florida House Experience in the commitment we take to providing some of the best aftercare services in the country. We keep in touch with our treatment graduates so that they will always have a sober family and support system to fall back on. We implement spirituality into our sober living homes so that women can search inward for an inner peace they could not attain while drinking or using drugs. Programs like yoga and meditation give these women the means to keep in tune with their very own individualized spirituality. All of the services offered to the women in our sober living program are the same that were available to them during treatment at The Florida House Experience.

Additionally, we do not aim to enable the women recovering in our sober living home, so we expect nothing less than the best from them. “It’s either impeccable or unacceptable” is the motto we use to encourage our women during their stay. An environment of accountability and responsibility help to prepare the women for the outside world, where they will be expected to thrive just the same.  Living in between treatment and the outside world gives these women a safe environment to continue their recovery growth and have time to implement and practice what they have learned in treatment in everyday life. Confidence is key to sobriety success, and the support and environment in our sober living homes are encouraging and accepting. Women can work and study their recovery goals during their stay at the facility, implementing The Four Agreements, The Power of Now and Awareness, along with the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Whatever the recovery goals or intentions, if you come to our women’s sober living home with the goal of permanent sobriety, you will have the best chance of long-term recovery success.

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What’s it Like at a Women’s Sober Living Home?

The Women’s Sober Living Experience at FHE was designed to implement a curriculum based on the importance of spirituality, family, and cognitive fitness throughout recovery. This unique component along with sober skill development has produced an overall 80 percent recovery success rate amongst sober living program graduates. Additional to developing and practicing sober skills, women in the home will be invited to join in alumni meetings that occur weekly on Wednesday nights. The alumni program also has a family quarterly event that focuses on the importance of family in addiction recovery that women in the sober living program can attend. 

The Sober Living home for women at The Florida House Experience is a 90-day stay at a luxurious, newly renovated home that allows a recovering individual to stay motivated on recovery while gradually implementing their daily responsibilities of life. Our sober living facilities are nearby the main campus, so all of the medical, clinical, and psychiatric components that the FHE treatment offers is still available to men and women in our gender-specific sober living homes. Our sober living facilities are not only close to the main campus, but also minutes away from the beautiful, sandy, sunny beaches of South Florida. Attaining jobs, volunteering in community activities, and practicing social values and skills are all expected activities of the women that stay in our sober living facility. Along with these placed expectations, the women are encouraged to work on career development, checkbook balancing, and attending 12-step group meetings.

Although the women that stay in our sober living home are not monitored as regularly as residential treatment patients and given opportunities to assimilate back into society, they are still expected to keep sobriety at the top of their priorities. Drug tests are administered to every resident in the sober living program periodically to ensure that everyone is in tune with their sobriety goals. Also, keeping up with house chores and cleaning provides an environment of responsibility and accountability that helps individuals in the program prepare for their next step in life.

Don’t fend for yourself during the early days of addiction recovery. Enhance your support group, education of sober skills, and retain your ability for treatment resources by enrolling in the women’s sober living program. You don’t have to jump right back into your old life. You can focus on your recovery goals while slowly implementing responsible aspects of your daily life like work, school, and social relationships. 

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