Men’s Sober Living

The Men’s Sober Living House Experience

Men’s sober living facilities give newly graduated treatment clients the option to live in an environment with continual sobriety support and mandatory recovery goals. Since the highest risk of relapse is in early recovery, it is imperative to gradually enter back into society with a recovery goal-oriented mindset. Relapse should be avoided at all costs since relapsing individuals account for the largest number of deaths by overdose yearly. Implementing relapse prevention techniques and surrounding yourself with as much support as possible should be the number one priority for anyone that has just completed an addiction treatment program. Our sober living homes are a recommended 90-day stay program that is offered to anyone that has had some kind of addiction treatment. At the least, a person enrolling to live in a sober living home should have completed a detox program. A sober living environment gives men in early recovery the highest chance of long-term recovery success by implementing the goals and mindset of consistency, accountability, and responsibility. Those who enter our men’s sober living residential homes can expect to experience:

  • Accommodating private rooms located in beautiful newly remodeled homes just outside or on our main campus.
  • Access to all medical services and personnel.
  • Open use of psychiatric services including individual and group therapy sessions.
  • Prescription medication management through our medical clinic.
  • Career planning and job placement services.
  • Option to enroll in self-help classes like yoga and mindfulness meditation.
  • Sober recreational outings and activities like bowling, fishing, and sporting events.

men's sober living services

Our Sober Living Services Compared to Others

We don’t boast that our aftercare services are some of the best in the country for no reason. Aftercare services for those that have been cared for through treatment are proven to work. We understand the need for support in the early days of recovery and have provided anything and everything we can to the graduates of our treatment programs so that they have the highest chance of recovery success. Our sober living environments implement a connection to spirituality so that inner peace and comfort can be achieved. Additionally, we hold our graduated that have enrolled to live in our sober living facilities to a high standard of achievement. Our motto implemented at the sober living program is, “It’s either impeccable or unacceptable”, meaning that we expect only the best out of those that choose to further their treatment, and nothing less. We wish not to enable the men in the program, but to provide the tools to live addiction free in real time with the implementation of daily schedules and routines. The number one goal for those that choose to utilize our sober living homes is a lifetime of permanent sobriety. If this is important to you, then a men’s sober living facility post treatment is right for your recovery journey.

Our Men’s Sober Living programs are a suggested 90-day stay that is proven to be effective during the days of early recovery. Instead of jumping back into life to face addiction alone soon after concluding treatment, consider the one of a kind men’s sober living experience in sunny south Florida that provides the needed support system and sober skill development in early recovery. Addiction recovery can be debilitating, and it sometimes can feel like you are the only one suffering from the consequences of an addictive lifestyle. Sober living homes will assure you that you are not alone because you are surrounded by peers that relate to your very addiction struggles. Additionally, men living at the sober living facility can practice implementing their newly learned sober skills into their daily lives throughout  their jobs and social interactions. Surrounding yourself with those that you can relate to in early recovery will give you the positive motivation and determination needed to make it past those trying early days post treatment. Additionally, support is needed even for those that have remained sober for decades, and the relationships gained through living at a sober living facility can last a lifetime.

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Most think that addiction recovery is only about refraining from using drugs and alcohol. While giving up substance abuse is a large part of recovery, it is mostly about determining the underlying causes and emotions that feed your addictions. Surrounding yourself with men that have been through both similar circumstances and debilitating scenarios will give you a safe environment to explore the hidden driving factors of addiction in your life. Along with providing you a place to live that holds sobriety as the highest priority, it will also give you a support group that you can rely on to get you through the hard days in recovery. Group and individualized therapy are still services that are offered at our sober living home programs, so treatment can continue as your daily life starts to. Instead of being thrown back into the routine of work, school, and social responsibilities that you so recently left and juggled along with an addiction, you can slowly introduce those areas back to your new, sober lifestyle while being surrounded by those that are doing the same.

What’s it Like at a Sober Living Home?

Living in a sober living environment is like living halfway between addiction treatment and the “real world”, hence the term “halfway house”. Each member of the house is expected to keep sobriety at the top of their priority list, but they won’t be monitored as closely as treatment. All members of the house are expected to start implementing important parts of their daily life gradually during their stays like school, jobs, and checkbook balancing. Drug tests will be administered to each man periodically living at the house to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Also, each man living in the home is expected to keep up with daily routine tasks like cleaning and other chores. Men that are living in the sober home facility are also encouraged to attend Florida House Experience alumni meetings, which meet weekly on Wednesday nights. Alumni services also invite any FHE treatment graduates to the monthly family activity that aims to keep family at the core of addiction recovery.

Whatever your addiction experience was like, your recovery doesn’t have to be the same story. Sober living homes will give you the tools to be confident in transferring from treatment back into real life. With the sober and relapse prevention skills that you learn through treatment and sober living environments, you will be given the best chance for sobriety success. Additionally, implementing the support that is offered through FHE will supply you with opportunities for job placement and career building. You don’t have to rush back to the life you knew right after treatment; in fact, you shouldn’t. Use the support offered to you through the Florida House Experience’s sober living program to battle your addiction and take your life back.

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