A Different Approach to Outpatient Treatment

Our outpatientPM treatment program is designed for patients unable to attend inpatient treatment. Most patients who attend outpatientPM treatment are taking their first step in recovery and wish to complete a program designed to help them while they deal with every day life. Patients attending outpatientPM usually have outside obligations such as school, work, or family that prevent them from a 30 day inpatient plan.

On-Site Medical Clinic

Our program provides our patients with a medical and a psychiatric component. Patients have access to our medical and psychiatric staff. Our clinic is equipped to deal with a wide range of issues from a case of the flu to a full psychiatric evaluation and prescription refills. Our program is overseen by our medical director, Dr. Albert Castellon.

Medical and Psychiatric Assessments

Patients will be assessed both by medical staff and psychiatric staff to determine the correct medications. We believe with thorough assessments patients will never have to worry about misdiagnosed medications. Safety is our number one objective when helping patients get on the correct medication.

Medication Dispensary

We cannot stress enough that we are not a walk-in clinic. We provide exclusive services to only those patients in the Florida House Experience. Patients are able to schedule appointments with our staff to address whatever their medical needs are.

Transportation Provided

Having over 10 years of experience we realize transportation is always a factor in attending outpatientPM treatment. We provide transportation to our patients needing a lift anywhere within a 20 mile radius of Deerfield Beach, FL.

Food Provided

Along with providing transportation, we realize that attending evening outpatientPM and working or attending school can make meal planning difficult. That’s why our patients receive a 10 dollar a day credit to purchase anything at our on-site restaurant Jojo’s Café. Our objective is to remove any obstacles that may come between our patients and their ability to receive the care they need.


At The Florida House Experience we realize some patients require housing while attending Evening IOP whether attending from out of the area or for other reasons. The Florida House is able to assist with housing and transportation in the local area.

Our Program

Program Outline

Patients attend group therapy 3 times a week with the group  times from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. A 15-minute break is provided for patients to get food and address personal needs. Each of our groups varies between 10-20 people. We limit our group size in order to give the most appropriate amount of time to each patient. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to share his or her concerns. Patients will have individual sessions 1-2 times weekly for a more in-depth approach to their treatment. The program is designed to last 12-16 weeks depending on their progress within the program determined by all clinical and medical staff members.

Group Topics

We do not approach treatment with a cookie cutter mentality. Because of this we offer two types of groups on an alternating schedule, or as the patients need them. We provide lecture groups and process groups. Lecture groups are specifically for learning about all facets of addiction in a fact based scientific way. Our hopes are to have patients understand their addiction and issues from a medical standpoint. Our process groups are targeted towards learning how to communicate honestly and effectively. These groups also encourage patients to cover a variety of topics they wish to address with group interaction. In doing this we allow patients to obtain problem solving strategies in order to prevent relapse. Qualified supervisors are picked and overseen by the Clinical Director and topics are planned around the groups needs.

Ready to Learn More?

Please contact us now at 1-866-421-6242 to learn more about our outpatient PM treatment program or other treatment programs at The Florida House Experience. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer any question you may have. Or check out