Jasons’ Experience at the Florida House

This is jasons Alcohol Addiction story.My name is Jason, I am from Dallas Texas. My life began on January 7, 1983. I knew from a very early age that I had a special piece of me that was missing and had to reach out to other things in my life to fill that hole. My Mother and Father divorced at an early age. I don’t remember it myself but my older brother did. Not till later in my life did I find out why they left each other. But all the way through my life but right before I came to Florida to get help I found out that my mother cheated on my father with my step-father.

My life growing up was happy, my brother and I were with my Mom for 2 weeks and then my father would have us every other weekend. My father drank when I was young. I remember one time I asked him what was drinking and he gave me a sip around the age of 10-11. I told my father at the time that I didn’t like it, but secretly I did. I didn’t start to drink until I was in high school. My life growing up was good, I didn’t get into much trouble except when I broke rules around the house and bad grades. I later got diagnosed with A.D.D., my grades had a slight change around 7th grade but soon after I found Marijuana. That is when my grades took a more drastic change towards the ground. When I went to high school is when I started to party and not wanting to go to school any longer. My senior year I got caught with alcohol in school. I came to school wasted and had some on me. I got suspended and was sent to AEP (alternative education program.) That is when I signed myself out of school and started to try to get my GED. After going to GED school I started to steal marijuana from my step-father. My step father caught me and threw pecans at me when I was sleeping and woke up with welts and bruises mostly on my face. My older brother had an argument with my father later that week and my step father threw him through a window. My older brother protected me from my step father. I always thought that when my father would hit me or spank me it was because I did something bad. But after I had some therapy I found out it was actually abuse. I was kicked out of the house around the age of 18-19. That is when I started to bounce around from place to place and living under bridges. Later, around the age of 25 or 26 that is when my alcoholism started to progress from just having fun to having fun with problems. I was getting drunk every night and sleeping in bushes and behind dumpsters. Most mornings I would wake up and not even remember the past day until I found out what day it was and found out it had been 2 or 3 days. Not knowing what happened in between that, I knew I had a problem. My grandmother didn’t want me living on the streets and wanted to help me. So I moved in with her in Denton, Texas. All I cared about was partying and getting to my black out. My black out was my way of dying. I didn’t have to remember anything or anyone because I was lonely. One night while in a black out I stole my grandmother’s car and went on a joy ride. I got pulled over for drive double over the speed limit. I was going 135 mph in a 60 mph zone. I blew double almost triple over the limit. I woke up in jail not knowing how I got there. Found out that I had been there for 2 days. That is when I knew I had a problem and none of my family wanted anything to do with me. I just ran through peoples lives. Not caring about them or myself. I was sentenced to 2 years, which came out to be 8 months in a maximum security block in the county jail house. This is where I found AA. My charges were Possession of Marijuana, Open Container, Speeding Double The Speed Limit, Probation Violation and Driving While Intoxicated. After the 8 months of stay, my mother and step father ask me to come stay with them in East Texas because they were bed ridden. I stayed with them and when they got better and working again, my father told me he had a job that he could get for me. After staying with at my fathers with my step mother they gave me an intervention. They told me of a place in Florida that they could get me into and wanted me to find a new way of life. I told them that I would do whatever I could to get my life back.

I spent 30 days at the Florida House Experience. They showed me a new way of life and how to live that. Some of the things they taught me were to change my way of thinking. The only way to change a habit is to practice a different way. The therapists were great and the Male Techs were also. I don’t know where my life would be at today if I would have never reached out to get help. My life today consists of working at an awesome job. I work in the Recovery field. I went back to school and got my GED since I have been in sobriety. Also went to CAP school and received my CAS (Counseling for Addiction Specialist.) Today I am a Behavioral Tech; I have my Family back in my life. I actually have REAL friends that care about my well being. I give my life and many thanks to Florida House Experience for the experience of a life time. They didn’t only give my life back; they gave me a life worth living. Today I give back by helping the next new alcoholic/addict. I stay in service and of course I go to many meetings. I love my life and Thank You again Florida House Experience! My sobriety date is August 23, 2011.