My Florida House Experience

My name is Nate. I am 24 years old and I am alive today thanks to the Florida house’s Drug Rehab in Ohio. My journey began here in Ohio where I spent most of my time heading into a downward path. I had been in and out of treatment once up here, and was slowly starting a path of destruction. I found myself contemplating suicide after losing all hope after battling with PTSD from sexual abuse. I didn’t know where else to turn than to the one thing that brought me peace. A syringe and a couple downers and I was gone. I awoke in a hospital and was humiliated at the fact that I had lived. I didn’t know when I woke up I was given so much more than I ever dreamed to come. I went to a 28 day facility that seemed to deal with little of my problem, other than giving me meds and a bed. I knew I was in trouble if to go back to my hometown. I didn’t have a friend or a family member that trusted me (nor did I trust myself) and soon found myself in a new place with wonderful people that had nothing but love for me.

This place is not your average detox or treatment and believe me it’s in the best location, but there is so much more in Florida House than on the exterior. This facility is not structured but is lined with professionals and people who really do care. The people that were in charge knew how to spot and treat the patient’s underlining issues. They show love to the patients and at times tough love, but its necessary information that I didn’t think was important or was outlandish, but was the truth and a lesson taught. The men and women who consistently suit up and show up each day are incredible. Each has their own experience and story of overcoming and dealing with themselves differently today. The therapists and facility itself is by far the greatest place I have had care for my problems. I know if ever I am in a jam or problem or find myself down that road, that I can call Florida house and they would find a place for me. I love all of the staff and the facility it’s a home away from home for me.

I now reside back in Ohio, but I do find myself planning to move back soon. I love Florida house and the people who stay connected with it. The alumni family is also there 24/7 to help anyone in need. The Florida house will always have a place in my heart and will forever be indebted to them. My life is a lot better today and that was all possible thanks to The Florida House Experience.  I recommend this facility to anyone in need, if they cannot find a way to treat you or take of you, than I promise you they will find someone who can. The interconnection of the people in here truly make miracles happen every day.