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What is Alcoholism?
Alcoholism, also known as alcohol addiction or alcohol dependence, is the physical and mental addiction to alcohol that can lead to serious negative impacts on your life and your loved ones. Unknown to many, Ethyl alcohol, or Ethanol, is a real drug produced by fermentation and distillation of grain, fruit and other plant products.

Symptoms of Alcoholism include:

  • Tolerance, or needing more alcohol to feel the same effects
  • Withdrawal symptoms, such as shakiness, anxiety, depression and nausea and vomiting
  • A loss of control over your drinking
  • Alcohol dependency or alcohol cravings
  • Physical dependence
  • You want to quit drinking, but you can’t

The impact of alcohol abuse on American society is alarming, affecting levels of domestic violence, violent crimes, traffic fatalities, child deaths and even the cost to health care and the insurance industry. Alcohol alone causes more deaths, crime and health and behavioral problems than illegal drugs combined. The toll of alcohol abuse on you and your family can be devastating, negatively affecting an your health, family, friends, career, finances and ultimately your life or the life of your loved one.

Recognizing Your Alcohol Addiction
In the United States, alcoholic beverages are commonly consumed in various social settings. For some individuals, recreational consumption of alcohol can turn into alcohol abuse and alcoholism with dangerous and even deadly consequences. Excessive alcohol consumption has consequences for the health and well being of those who drink and the lives of those around them.

Ask yourself:

  • Has a friend or family member accused you of being an alcoholic?
  • Have you ever wondered if you drink too much?
  • Is drinking affecting your home life, social life or work?

If you feel guilty or ashamed about your drinking, lie to others or hide your drinking habits, regularly drink more than you intended to or need to drink in order to relax or feel better, then you may have a drinking problem. These are all warning signs that should be a red flag to you. It is possible that you may have a drinking problem and suffer from alcohol addiction. Accepting or acknowledging the fact that help is needed for an alcohol-related problem is not easy. You may not recognize your drinking problem or rationalize your problem by downplaying the negative consequences of drinking, underestimating how much you drink, blaming drinking-related issues on others, or just diffusing responsibility in general.

If your drinking is causing problems in your life, seek help for alcohol addiction now. Alcohol recovery is possible. Do not wait until it’s too late. If you think you may have a problem with alcohol addiction, then getting help now is imperative to take back control of your life. Making the commitment to quit drinking will be the key to your sobriety through detox and alcohol rehab. There are alcohol programs and alcohol treatment centers available to you right now.

Alcohol Detox is The First Step: Build The Strength Towards Long Lasting Sobriety
Detoxification is an important component for any long-term drug or alcohol addiction program. Alcohol is no exception. In alcohol detox, stabilizing your body and ridding it of alcohol toxins is key to alleviating your body from chemical dependency. During the process of detox, the patient may experience both mental and physical withdrawal symptoms if not treated by a qualified alcohol rehabilitation program. Feelings of anger, confusion, depression, anxiety, hallucinations, mood swings, shaking, sweating and sleeping problems are all serious side effects that you may go through once you decide to quit drinking.

The danger of mental and physical withdrawal symptoms during alcohol detox indicates the importance of a highly trained staff that pays close attention to detail and is able to direct individualized care to the patient. In addition to the need for a professional medical and clinical staff during detox, a clean, safe and comfortable environment is equally important to your alcohol addiction recovery process.

Detox is only the first step in sobriety from alcohol abuse. Stabilizing your body and ridding it of alcohol toxins will not cure your alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction treatment must continue after alcohol detox. Returning home, or to the place where you have abused alcohol frequently, can expose you to the people, places and habits that can trigger a relapse. Learning how to prevent these “trigger” relapses and building the strength not to give in to these “trigger” relapses will be key to continuing sobriety. Entering an alcohol rehab program after alcohol detox will drastically help relapse prevention and lead you or your loved one to a long lasting sober life.

How The Florida House Experience Can Help
It takes strength, courage and a strong support network to battle your alcohol addiction. With the proper alcoholism treatment and support, many individuals are able to stop drinking and rebuild their lives. At The Florida House Experience, we place great emphasis on your alcohol rehabilitation treatment. From alcohol intervention to relapse prevention, The Florida House Experience provides all of the life tools necessary for you or your loved one to maintain sobriety and lead a sober life. Our expert staff makes case-by-case determinations of the necessary level of care to treat your alcohol addiction, including any co-occurring disorder associated with you or your loved one’s alcohol abuse.

The patient’s safety and health is a priority when making the determination as to the length of stay in drug and alcohol detox, and is based upon frequency and duration of the drug or alcohol use, as well as type of substance. Combined with our private treatment facilities and the comfort and luxury of the personalized care from our staff, our alcohol treatment services cover alcohol testing at all levels of care. We understand that detox and the addiction recovery period can be a time filled with fear, anxiety and physical and psychological distress. Therefore, we will be with you every step of the way through your transition from alcohol dependence to long lasting sober life. Please get alcohol help as soon as possible. Start your alcohol rehab with us and let us help you work your way to sober living as a natural way of living.

The Florida House Experience can help residents of Charlotte, NC, or any city in North Carolina, with detox, alcohol rehabilitation, sober living programs and continuing aftercare for long lasting sobriety.

Call866-421-6242 today. If you don’t get help for alcohol addiction at The Florida House Experience, please get help somewhere. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you.