I have a life beyond my wildest dreams.

My name is Molly and I’m from Bethesda,MD.  Growing up just a stone’s throw from the nation’s capital placed me in a society where the mentality is work hard, play hard. For kids, that means being the best in academics as well as extracurriculars.  Although striving to be number 1 can be a powerful motivator, for me it created an inferiority complex. I can definitely describe myself as a smart and talented woman, but I was never top of my class, best on the tennis team or star of the school play. I constantly felt like I fell short in everything.

My solution to all of these feelings ended up becoming drugs and alcohol. I no longer felt less than everyone when I was using. Drinking and drugging blocked that pain. At the end of my addiction, I was doing drugs to keep up with my hectic lifestyle of working during the day and going to school at night-My road map for how to “become someone”. The end to my night was sitting at a bar, drinking away all the anguish I experienced day in and day out.

I hit a place of being entirely unrecognizable to myself, my family and my friends. With their love and support, I came down to the Florida House. Now almost two years (sober!) later, I have a life beyond my wildest dreams. I have amazing relationships with my family and friends both in Maryland and Florida. I have a job where I have excelled and am a valued employee. And best of all, I am part of a twelve step fellowship which brings me more happiness then I ever thought possible. I love my life today and can truly say I’m proud of the woman I have become. I continue to live in Florida where my recovery began, but I’ll still always be a Maryland girl at heart who roots for the Terrapins and always has “old bay” seasoning on hand.


Bethesda, Maryland