Today My Life is Full

I was born into an alcoholic family.  My father was a mean drunk and my mother was the great enabler. We moved around a lot because of my Dad’s  job and I was always trying to fit in. I have an older brother that is also an addict who left home early in my childhood. As my Dad’s drinking got worse, the home life crumbled and I always said to myself,  I’ll  never be like him.

We moved to a small lobstering town called Spruce Head, Maine, and it was there I started my journey into addiction. I took my first drink at age 13 and never looked back, it took over my life and soon was taking things away from me.  I quit school at 15, moved out and started fishing full time.  I lost boats, cars and friends,  all due to drugs and living a “don’t give a crap attitude.”   I got married to a girl who was a addict like myself and had a child.  We thought we were living the dream, but that lasted less than a year.  As we went our separate ways our child suffered the life style we chose.  I was such a terrible father and that’s a tough pill to swallow because I ended up just like my Dad!  As the years went on it only got worse.   The only thing that kept me alive was that  I was a hard worker and spent all my time on fishing boats. I got in some big trouble at age 39 and ended up doing  4 years in prison and that was a wake up call.

I started my journey in recovery in 2001 in prison and only have 2.5 years of clean time, so to say that  it has been easy, is very far from the truth.  In 2004 I got married to my love of my life and my true soul mate Lori. We met in a meeting  of AA and together have gone thru some tough times.  I stayed clean for the first 7 years of our marriage and then put my recovery on the back burner for our business and money and relapsed.   I ended up coming to the Florida House in 2009-2010. I fought it the whole way –  stayed 42 days, and said, “ I got this”,  flew home and stayed clean for 7 months. I relapsed again the summer of 2011 and my wife threw me out.  I remember that feeling of thinking,  “how  the hell did this happen?”   I put myself in detox in Maine and called the Florida House.  Thank God they took me back to treatment, but I still fought it,  until a thing called family week came along and my world changed.   I saw just how much pain I had inflicted on my wife and decided to start listening to the message of hope that the Florida House was trying to give me.

Today my life is full. My wife and I sold our business and house in Maine and moved to Florida.  We both are very involved in recovery and life is good.   I owe this life I have to God, AA,  and the Florida House!!!

Mike B.