Today I am sober from drugs and alcohol over four years and living in recovery.

Hi, my name is Kaido I am an alcoholic and I am from Atlanta, Ga.

 I moved to Atlanta from Europe in 2001 with my girlfriend at the time. It was exciting time for us to start new life and all the possibilities. Unfortunately shortly after settling in North Atlanta we split up and I was on my own. I was 18 years old that time with no family and close friends.

 I had a job and bought my first car in couple of months. Because I was on my own I used my free time to abuse alcohol and sex.  It was what I knew from my early teens. 19 years old I got DUI and slowed down until my court date. Seeing that consequences were not “too bad”, I just continued what I knew the best- doing everything in my power to feel anything but myself.

 I met a girl who also liked to party and got married two months after we started dating. Her cousins and my friends lived for weekends where we got drunk, and stayed drunk as long as we could physically or when it was time to return to work. I loved Atlanta these times! I always was drinking heavy, experimented with pot and eventually fell in love with cocaine. After being married four years we separated and year later divorced.

 Being alone I felt I could do whatever I wanted so I continued using progressively more drugs and added addiction to Asian massage parlors.

 In September 2009 my shame and hopelessness drove me to commit suicide and I was submitted into detox.

I was blessed to find treatment center in Florida called Florida House where I chose to leave my addiction behind and try a new way of life. Today I am sober from drugs and alcohol over four years and living in recovery. For that I am grateful!