At Florida House I Came to Understand Myself Better

My name is Beth and I live in Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Before coming to Florida House, I was stuck in a cycle of drinking and drying out that was killing me but I just didn’t know how to live sober.  What attracted me to Florida House was what I found out about their philosophy of treatment:  that they didn’t focus on the twelve steps directly but on what obstacles I had that resulted in my not working the steps successfully.  Well, I thought, they’ve got my number!

My counselor tailored a treatment plan for me that helped me see my personality traits, defense mechanisms, and distorted thinking patterns that were getting in the way of healthy happy living.  Honestly, if anyone talked to someone I loved in the same way I used to talk to myself, I wouldn’t have stood for it.  No wonder I was depressed!  And I think my patterns of thought and behavior are similar to those of so many other addicted people.

I appreciated the holistic approach the Florida House takes with patients — offering yoga, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, chiropractic, personal training, spirituality groups, nutrition groups, meditation, and trips to the ocean beach.  I lived on campus with three other women in a condo setting and shopped independently for groceries (with a gift card provided by Florida House) every week, so I was able to eat exactly how I pleased.  Each resident building has a swimming pool and laundry facilities as well.  The great weather in Florida just made everything better.

At Florida House I came to understand myself better and stopped sabotaging myself.  I now see how unmanageable my life had become before I came there, and I have an optimistic outlook for the future.  That blessing is worth everything to me.

Incidentally, I was offered a few extra weeks there.  I said “yes” to the offer and never looked back.  In the end, I was able to spend 7 weeks at Florida House which helped me feel more stable upon departing.  It’s not often that a person gets a chance to take 7 weeks of their life to just focus on themselves.  No matter how much time you are able to get in treatment, I would recommend Florida House to you.