My life has exceeded my wildest dreams in the last year.

“Hi, my name is Heather and I grew up in Colorado.  I’m an alcoholic. I had my first drink  right before I graduated from high school.  I didn’t drink again until well into my freshman year of college at University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.  I remember the first time my roommate and I brought 6 pack of Zima into our dorm room. We thought we were so cool.  I loved the woozy, loose, and free way it made me feel.

I quickly started to get drunk whenever I could.  At first it was fun and “only on the weekends” so it didn’t interfere with school.  But after I turned 21 and could legally drink it just got worse.  The drink didn’t ‘do’ it for me- I needed something stronger. So I found drugs.

About a week before I graduated from college I tried ecstasy for the first time. Then I started smoking pot and experimenting with any other drug I could get my hands on.  I continued to drink heavily.  I worked 2 or more jobs at a time and partied hard.  That was my life for about 10 years.  I worked in the food and beverage industry where booze and drugs were accepted and easy to get.  I drank on the job. I smoked pot on a daily basis while at work.  I did harder drugs when I could get them.

I left Boulder, Colorado and moved to a tropical island– I was running away from what I thought was the problem: drugs/alcohol/ the partying lifestyle.  I now know that those things weren’t the problem.  The problem was ME.

I was using everyday.  I was drinking before/during/and after work.  I had tried to stop on my own many times.  I was miserable.  I knew I was going to die if I kept existing the way I was.

I don’t remember much about my last day of drinking because I blacked out and did some terrible things: I physically fought with my husband and close friends, I put my young stepson in danger, and I tried to kill myself.  The next day I asked for help from a therapist who’s only suggestion was Florida House.  I was on a plane a day later.

I was angry and terrified on the inside but didn’t show it.  I tried to do everything ‘perfectly’ — but without being honest with myself or my therapist.  I played the victim. I put on a show. Until one day I was accused of being ‘fake’.  That really made me mad but after reflecting for a bit I realized- I really didn’t know myself at all.   So I got busy working on getting to know the REAL ME.

I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in family week with my husband.  Shortly after that I decided to stay in Florida and go to a halfway house.  I knew I wanted to stay sober and I knew I couldn’t do it in Colorado or the Virgin Islands. I took the suggestions of The Florida House Experience staff and found a sponsor, the 12 steps of AA and I stayed connected to the Alumni Program of Florida House.

My life has exceeded my wildest dreams in the last year.

I now live in a house with my husband and stepson, and 2 cats.  I continue to work my AA program, do service work, and stay close to the FH Alumni.  I have a steady job, a spiritual connection, and genuine happiness.  I look back on the 64 days I spent at the Florida House for Alcohol Treatment with gratitude- they saved my life!”


 Begin Your Addiction Recovery Right Now. What Steps Should You Take?

  1.  1.   Decide To Make A Change For YOU and your Loved Ones – Take the first step in the right direction.
  2. 2.   Explore Your Addiction Treatment CHOICES – Find an addiction treatment center that fits your needs.
  3. 3. Reach Out For SUPPORT – Let The Florida House Experience help you lead a sober life as the natural way of life – It’s our philosophy.