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We know how much courage and strength it takes to recognize there is an addiction problem in our family. Pain medication, drugs, and alcohol can leave an everlasting mark in an individual’s body and mind if they are taken without control. Sadly, for some it is impossible to know when to stop, making it necessary to ask for professional help.

Many people think that addiction is a moral problem, placing the responsibility on the addict. However, after decades of study the problem has been found in the patient’s brain physiology. As soon as the addict and his or her entourage understands this, the easier it is to accept the need for treatment and start a path to a better life.

Our Rehabilitation and Detox facilities are designed to make our addiction treatment experience unique. Unlike other addiction centers, The Florida House Experience offers a series of discreet, comfortable and holistic programs, all specifically tailored to the needs of every patient.

Other facilities are made to feel like clinics where addicts are institutionalized, or consider them just clients that receive a product or service. The Florida House Experience will change the way you see rehabilitation and drug treatment programs. Our pristine campus and state of the art amenities are specially designed to make our guests feel like they are in a serene and cozy ambience that would bring the best Bed and Breakfast experiences to mind.

Fighting drug or alcohol addiction goes way beyond just staying sober. Substance abuse does not only cause suffering to the addict. It causes great pain to the loved ones and can create great distress to those around him or her. Addiction can trigger some of the most complex and complicated feelings for family members and friends. The lifestyle we are used to can also be severely altered when there is someone around us with a drug problem. This can be overwhelming for those not prepared to deal with specific problems that affect the user.

As they play a central role in overcoming addiction problems, families need guidance and support that would help them go through the process of achieving long-term recovery. Trying to convince a member of your family to seek specialized treatment for their addiction might end up making things worse. That´s why we offer professional counselling for those who are concerned about the wellbeing of the addict.

Many patients are afraid that rehabilitation centers are reclusive environments where they only expect to remain sober for as long as it takes to get the substance out of their system. Nothing farther from the truth. As soon as the patient arrives, he or she will be fully evaluated in order to establish his medical condition and psychological health. That’s the first step to determine the level and rhythm of detox required. Additionally, our holistic approach guarantees both physical and mental recovery through a combination of clinical, neurological and psychosocial therapies and services, all aimed to make of your stay a renovating experience.

Christen from Alabama Explains his Addiction Rehabilitation at Florida House Experience

Finally, I had a moment of clarity and checked into the Florida House

My story has has always included a little too much partying but at some point I crossed over the line. I was always able to maintain good grades and a somewhat presentable facade but in reality I was really losing control. I was unhappy with myself and my life and it began to spiral downward. As can be expected I got into trouble with the law and had to transfer from Kennesaw State University where I was on scholarship to Columbus State University in order to comply with my probation. It was at this point a tragedy befell my family and I lost three members in an accident. After the accident I began to spiral downward more, moving into a cabin in Smiths, Alabama withdrawing from the world and into my own addiction. Finally, I had a moment of clarity and checked into the Florida House. The medication I was put on their and the chance to reevaluate my life proved to be more than helpful. I have been clean for over 7 months now and recently graduated college. It is very possible to turn one’s life around with a good starting base and support system. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Florida House for simplifying my Addiction Rehabilitation.