Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Benefits

Massage therapy is great for relaxation and recovery. Addiction treatment takes a lifetime of commitment and having an outlet that promotes happiness and relaxation in a healthy way for our patients to find success! Massage therapy is effective as a holistic medicine because it heals the body and mind. It is proven to decrease stress level and reduce pain. Our addiction treatment center has embraced massage therapy because it simply works. Our patients find the relief they receive from massage therapy during the detox process is a key aspect to recovery. We believe that physical problems and pain can be treated in addiction treatment centers with less harmful painkillers and more massage therapy! These are only a few massage therapy benefits that can assist in your recovery!

Is Massage Therapy Beneficial to My Recovery?

Massage therapy can instantly boost levels of dopamine and reduce stress that comes with withdrawal. Addicts often tap into their dopamine supply through addiction and as a result have a lower level of dopamine. Dopamine is the key to pleasure and with lower levels it is harder to become excited about positive changes in your life. Massage therapy stimulates the nerves throughout your body which tells the brain to increase the amount of natural dopamine it is supplying to the targeted areas. This is a natural way to restore positive feelings and happiness without turning to drugs or alcohol!

Massage Therapy Removes Pain and Chemicals

Massage therapists melt pain and stress away during addiction treatment. Our expert staff focuses on blood flow and how to manipulate the chemicals and toxins out of your body. Chemicals that have built up over the years of drug or alcohol abuse can be gently released with massage therapy. Massage therapy helps restore you to a pain free life.

Massage Therapy Removes Stress

Along with stimulating the blood flow within the body, massages simply feel good! Massages reduce stress and can induce feelings of bliss that can be much needed after a long day of intense therapy groups. Stress relief is one of the main motivations when offering massage therapy at addiction treatment programs. We want our patients to be happy, healthy and centered.

A well-rested, stress free client is always more inclined to think clearly and positivity then one who isn’t. When the body is massaged properly, it responds with an increased level of good chemicals that can help with insomnia, improve sleep quality, as well as naturally comfort the person receiving the massage.

Combining all different forms of therapy into an addiction treatment program is essential because not everyone recovers the same way and having the option of trying different techniques is enormously beneficial to a successful long lasting recovery.

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