Partial Hospitalization addiction treatment

Day Treatment also referred to as Partial hospitalization is an intermediate level of addiction treatment care. During partial hospitalization, patients participate in intensive therapy during the day, and may be required to participate in evening programs to support individual treatment goals.

During the intensive day treatment, patients work with doctors, counselors, psychiatrists and other specialists. This is generally a full day, up to 8 hours, of intensive treatment and typically includes individual counseling, group counseling, and educational sessions.

At The Florida House Experience we provide sober living while patients are in the partial hospitalization phase, and all phases, of our addiction treatment programs.

Day Treatment | Specialized Programs 

In case the partial hospitalization program is not what you are looking for, we also offer the following specialized programs:

  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Family Outreach Program
  • Gender-Specific Program
  • Professionals Program
  • Alumni and Aftercare

The Florida House Experience Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization is Phase Two of The Florida House Experience’s comprehensive addiction treatment program. Our goal during the partial hospitalization phase is to provide the recovering individual with intensive daytime treatment and on-going therapeutic intervention, supported by proper professional medical care, as well as a sober living communal environment to return to in the evening.

During partial hospitalization, we provide continued support, a safe structured environment, and ongoing clinical and medical services from our professional addiction treatment staff to assist you in following through with your commitment to addiction recovery. Continued residence on our sober living campus allows you to take the next step in your addiction recovery and begin applying newly learned behaviors and self-help techniques in the evening, while avoiding the possibilities of triggers from returning home or exposing yourself to the people, places, and habits that can cause these triggers.

Recovering individuals typically transition to partial hospitalization after graduating from our first phase of addiction treatment, residential rehabilitation. At this stage, you have successfully demonstrated your ability to exhibit and maintain an increased level of healthy functioning. Graduation into the partial hospitalization program is determined by both the Florida House Experience staff and you.

During intensive daytime treatment during partial hospitalization, you will work with doctors, counselors, psychiatrists, and other addiction specialists on your personal recovery plan. Upon completion of this treatment phase, you will have the opportunity to apply newly learned behaviors while residing on our sober living campus, and continuing to work with a primary therapist at our addiction treatment center.

 The clinical aspects of our partial hospitalization program are customized to each individual, based on a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s progress and treatment planning needs. Our clinical services during partial hospitalization include:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Didactic Lectures
  • Recovery Support Workshops
  • Spirituality Groups
  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Health/Wellness and Nutrition
  • Yoga and Fitness Center
  • Exploration of Education and Employment Opportunities

Partial Hospitalization and Continuing Treatment with The Florida House Experience

Entering the Partial Hospitalization phase of addiction day treatment at The Florida House Experience’s addiction treatment center and sober living community means that you are progressing positively on your journey to recovery and long lasting sobriety. Our treatment goal to live and lead a sober life as a natural way of life is coming more into light. You will have the distinct level of understanding of what it means to be a part of our ‘Florida House Family’ at this stage on your journey to recovery.

During partial hospitalization, you will continue to receive the endless dedication and personal attention from our clinical and medical staff. Your battle with addiction recovery, however, does not end with our – or any – partial hospitalization program.

Clients from all over the country join our private addiction recovery center and are a testament to the success of our addiction treatment programs, from residential rehabilitation, through partial hospitalization, and continued treatment at our intensive outpatient program.While you progress into our partial hospitalization phase is no doubt an encouraging achievement in your addiction treatment and recovery, your dedication and commitment to long lasting sobriety will further be tested in our addiction treatment center. Your commitment to live and lead a sober life as a natural way of life must persevere past partial hospitalization and our staff at The Florida House Experience will stay with you every step of the way.

We encourage you to learn more about our day treatment programs, including partial hospitalization, and see why we are more than just a typical addiction treatment center. Your questions and concerns about partial hospitalization programs or other addiction day treatment services are always welcome and can be answered by our trained and caring counselors at The Florida House Experience.

Please contact us NOW at 1-866-421-6242 to learn more about our partial hospitalization program and other treatment programs. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.