The Process of the 12 Steps by Peter Marinelli

The process of the 12 steps will give me a new relationship with God and allow me to live in Truth. Struggle, resistance, disease and discomfort are all forms of unmanageably and are all internal conditions not external ones. The mind however is always looking outside for ease and comfort, all temporary remedies but never the solution, not the Truth.… Continue Reading The Process of the 12 Steps by Peter Marinelli

Resentment by Peter Marinelli

Resentment is to forget who you are- a child of God, all love and no opposite. Live in resentment and we begin to feel cut off from God and we become unlike Him. We start to think God is like what we are thinking and that God agrees with are resentments. Who can live in resentment and feel free? Who… Continue Reading Resentment by Peter Marinelli

Tips for Family Involvement in Drug Rehab

Family involvement in drug rehab can be one more block in the successful experience. The recovery process is one of the toughest things that most people ever face. The Florida House Experience understands that support can be a crucial element in a full recovery. Successful Family Involvement in Drug Rehab • Get the family involved in support groups. There are… Continue Reading Tips for Family Involvement in Drug Rehab

More than Addiction

Addiction to substances can wreak havoc on the life of the addict, but there may be more than the addiction causing problems. Some addicts suffer from mental issues that seem to multiple the problems that they face. The staff at the Florida House can help diagnose dual or co-occurring issues and develop a recovery plan that will address them both.… Continue Reading More than Addiction

Helping the Addict

A hurting loved one hurts those around them. You want to help those you see in your life struggling with addiction. Helping an addict requires patience and understanding. The addict has to do the heavy lifting, but you can be there to offer encouragement and support during the process of recovery. The Florida House Experience can give you the tools… Continue Reading Helping the Addict

Getting Recovery Help

Addiction demands control of your life and making a path to recovery often requires finding the right help for your needs and life. The options for recovery can be overwhelming. Taking the time to talk to the staff at the Florida House Experience can give you the insight you need to make a plan for your recovery. Top Tips for… Continue Reading Getting Recovery Help