About The Florida House Experience:

At the Florida House Experience, we pride ourselves on being one of the few truly medically integrated programs in the country, where your medical doctor, psychiatrists, clinicians, and case managers will work in partnership to solve the underlying issues fueling your substance abuse and/or mental health issues, and create a holistic treatment plan that works for you.. We employ a team of highly qualified, licensed medical and clinical professionals to help you get better. To know about the Florida House Experience is to know an unparalleled level of service and care for people seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. 

In addition to the specialized, personalized medical care we provide at FHE, we also offer multiple components of care, and wrap-around services even after treatment the goal is for our patients to receive a well-rounded recovery strategy. By addressing multiple areas of life, not just the substance abuse itself, patients at FHE are able to establish important goals of recovery and incorporate those goals into their lives through a guided process that will give them the highest chance of treatment success.

Our treatment encompasses various approaches and we tailor treatment to each client who comes through our doors. Just as no two people are exactly alike, addiction and the issues around it vary from person to person. We take the time to get to know each of our clients as soon as they come through our doors to assess the most appropriate course of treatment for their needs. After an extensive evaluation that is done upon arrival, we determine the best treatment track for each individual person. Each client’s care plan is assessed throughout treatment to be adjusted in accordance to changing needs.

The Florida House Experience
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide integrated modern day addiction treatment at the highest quality, so every patient has the opportunity for a better life.

Treatment Tracks at Florida House

We offer a full and complete treatment track to ensure that our clients have the best possible shot at achieving sobriety. Well rounded treatment includes a variety of different approaches. The Florida House Experience is thrilled to offer one of the most complete treatment programs around. The treatment tracks we offer include:

Our medical detox is an essential part of getting a person on the right track to a sober life. Medical detox comes first, and is necessary for the withdrawal process from any kind of drug. The reason that detoxing in a medically supervised setting is crucial is that the symptoms of detox can be so unpleasant that people often turn back to drugs or alcohol immediately in order to feel better. During a supervised detox, our staff prescribes and administers medication to aid with the symptoms of withdrawal and also treat any underlying medical issues or mental disorders. We ensure that the detox process is as quick, painless, and comfortable as possible so that our clients can continue into treatment.

Residential treatment is the highest level of care – after detox – at The Florida House Experience. Clients in this level of care are admitted into the 24/7 program and live on our campus as well as attend treatment. This kind of treatment is excellent in that it allows the patient to completely immerse themselves into treatment and forget about other responsibilities, pressure, and triggers that exist in every day life. We recommend that every client begins in this intense level of care after detox in order to get the best start they can in recovery. Residential treatment lasts for a minimum of seven days, but may be upwards of thirty depending on the severity of addiction.

Our outpatient services allow clients from our residential treatment program to experience a lower level of care but still have the support of treatment. Some people also choose to begin treatment in this stage if their responsibilities and life doesn’t allow them to go to residential treatment. Our outpatient services allow for flexible scheduling. Outpatient services can be upwards of twenty eight hours per week, all the way down to just one therapy session. The goal of outpatient rehab is to allow for our clients to slowly taper down their level of care while simultaneously reintegrating back into work, school, and home life.

Sober living recovery residences are safe places for our clients to stay while they get back on their feet. We house men and women separately, providing a home-like environment where people can continue to rebuild their life and focus on their recovery. Many studies have shown that people who live at halfway homes after rehab have a much better success rate than people who move back home. There are many benefits, including structure, support from your peers, company so that you are never alone, and encouragement to keep working towards your sobriety.

We believe that a full continuum of care is essential to success for our drug and alcohol treatment clients. Our alumni and aftercare services ensure that each client has access to a database of their peers for support throughout recovery. We also aid our clients in job searching, resume building, and building regular social skills. We want to make sure our clients are well on their way to sobriety, and that when the time is appropriate, they are able to flawlessly reintegrate back into the real world and stand on their own two feet.

More About the Florida House Experience

The Florida House Experience is conveniently located in Deerfield Beach in South Florida. We are less than two miles from the golden Florida coast and easily accessible from major highways and airports. Ft. Lauderdale International Airport is the closest large airport to our facility, with Miami and West Palm Beach within driving distance as well.

We take pride in our pristine campus and great amenities so that clients can feel at home and comfortable during treatment. Besides our wonderful and highly qualified clinical, medical, therapeutic and support staff, we offer a state-of-the-art fitness facility so that clients can exercise, attend yoga classes, and receive other holistic facility services. Men and women are housed separately to ensure that our clients get the most that they can from their stay at The Florida House Experience.

We offer comfortable, semi-private housing for optimal rest and rejuvenation. We give our clients three delicious and nutritious meals a day with snacks in between so that they can start rebuilding their health and getting stronger.

The Florida House was opened in 2001 as a sober living facility in Deerfield Beach. Since then, we have expanded into the full-service facility we are today, offering a complete continuum of care for our clients. There are many things about the Florida House Experience that set us apart from the competition and we always look for new and improved ways to help our clients get on the road towards a happy and healthy future.